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Question 1

The assumption that the plane section remains plane even after twisting is valid only for a

Question 2

Consider the following statements:

(i) Due to torsion normal stresses are developed in section having maximum magnitude at the outer fibre.

(ii) Twisting of a section happens due to couple acting perpendicular to the direction of beam.

(iii) Due to pure torsion acting on beam, the material will always be subjected to pure shear.

(iv) The magnitude of shear stresses is directly proportional to its direction from neutral axis.

Which of the above statements are incorrect?

Question 3

Statement 1: If a material made up of cast iron subjected to torsional stresses, the failure surface will be at 45˚ to the axis.

Statement 2: Cast iron is relatively weak in shear.

Question 4

A circular beam is subjected to a twisting moment such that the stresses at a distance of 50 mm from neutral axis are 60 N/mm2. If the diameter of the beam is 400 mm, the stresses in the outermost fibre will be

Question 5

The ratio of torsional stiffness of two bar A and B made up of same material, when diameter of bar A is twice of B and length of bar A is half of B will be

Question 6

The power transmitted by shaft A rotating at 250 rpm and subjected to a torque is 2545 Watt. If the rotation of shaft is increases to 400 rpm, the ratio of torque in both cases if the power to be transmitted remains same is
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