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Question 1

An intermediate T-beam reinforced with two layers of tensile steel with clear cover 13 cm encasted with the floor of a hall 12 meters by 7 meters, is spaced at 3 meters from adjoining beams and if the width of the beam is 20 cm, the breadth of the flange is

Question 2

Why is the design of a RC section as over-reinforced undesirable?

Question 3

A doubly reinforced concrete beam has effective cover of d’=40 mm to the center of compression reinforcement, xu = 160 mm is the depth of neutral axis and d = 350 mm is the effective depth to the center of tension reinforcement. The maximum strain in concrete at the level of compression reinforcement will be

Question 4

Flexural collapse in over reinforced beams is due to

Question 5

Long and short spans of a two way slab are ly and lx and load on the slab acting on strips parallel to lx and ly be wx and wy respectively. According to Ranking Grashoff theory

Question 6

As per IS code method of two way slab design, if positive moment coefficient is 0.3 then the negative moment coefficient is:
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