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DFCCIL_CE _Quiz 31

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Question 1

In a prestressed beam carrying an external load 500 kN with a bent tendon is having angle of inclination  and prestressed load 200 kN. The net downward load at the centre is

Question 2

A concrete beam is prestressed by a cable carrying an initial prestressing force of 800 kN. The cross sectional area of the wires in the cable is 400 mm2. Calculate the percentage loss of stress due in the cable due to shrinkage of concrete using IS: 1343 recommendations assuming the beam to be pretensioned. Assume modulus of elasticity of steel, Es = 200 kN/mm2, age of concrete at transfer is 8 days and total residual shrinkage strain in pretensioned beam= 3x10-6.

Question 3

If the loading on a simply supported prestressed concrete beam is uniformly distributed, the centroid of tendons should be preferably ______.

Question 4

A tendon of rectangular pre-stress beam having cross-sectional area A is subjected to eccentric prestressing force P as shown in above fig. The stress at the top fiber is

Question 5

In a pre-stressed member, it is advisable to use

Question 6

A concrete beam is post tensioned by a cable carrying a prestress of 900 N/mm2. At the jacking end, the slip was observed to be 8 mm. Find the percentage loss of stress due to anchorage slip if length of the beam is 20 m. Take Es = 210 KN/mm2
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