SSC Stenographer Study Plan: 60 Days Study Plan, SSC Stenographer Preparation

SSC Stenographer Study Plan: 60 Days Study Plan, SSC Stenographer Preparation

BySachin Awasthi  |  Updated on: Feb 10, 2023
SSC Stenographer Study Plan 2023 is provided here. Get the two-month study plan for SSC Stenographer Group C & D exam to boost up your preparation. Unveil the secret way to crack SSC Stenographer exam in 60 days here.

SSC Stenographer Study Plan 2023 is an essential part of your exam preparation. SSC Stenographer exam is expected to be held in October-Novemebr 2023. This exam is conducted to recruit talented candidates for the post of Stenographer in the various departments of the Central Government. If you are also preparing for the exam and looking for a way to make your SSC Stenographer study plan more effective, here's a handy guide for you.

We have provided you all with the 60-Day Study Plan specifically for SSC Stenographer exam. This plan covers each and every topic in a very comprehensive manner. SSC Stenographer Study Plan is divided into 60 days duration during which we will cover the whole syllabus. Each day, we will help you prepare an essential topic for each section. The day-wise study plan is apt for SSC Stenographer preparation for all the aspirants who will appear in the impending examination.

SSC Stenographer Study Plan

SSC stenographer study plan is designed specifically to ensure you cover the most syllabi in the least time. As SSC Stenographer is a popular exam, candidates must have a proper preparation strategy. The exam comprises of three sections, General Intelligence or Reasoning, English, and Gk. There will be 50 questions each from the Reasoning and GK section and English alone will comprise 100 questions which you need to attempt in a duration of 2 hours. Preparing all these sections well is important to ace the exam with good marks.

SSC Stenographer preparation is best done when accompanies by a study plan. Hence, we have provided one for you below which encompasses almost everything. This SSC Stenographer study plan can be followed by anyone. However, if you can devote more hours to studying then you can make changes to the plan at your convenience.

SSC Stenographer 60 Day Study Plan

Here we have provided 60-Day SSC Steno Study Plan for the aspirants. We advise you to bookmark this article as we will upload Day-wise topics in this post only. Below given is the schedule of SSC Stenographer exam 2023 which will help you cover the syllabus efficiently.

DaysSubjectsContents to Prepare
Day 1English

Reading Comprehension

Day 2English

Noun Part I

Noun Part II

1 Reading Comprehension Quiz + Mini Mocks and Quizzes for Practice

Day 3


Distance and Direction Sense

Day 4


Ancient History (Harappan civilization)

Mini Mocks and Quizzes for Practice.

Day 5

Revision-English, Reasoning & GK

A thorough revision of all the topics covered in each section 

Day 6


Note down all the weak topics and revise them thoroughly

Day 7

Mock tests

Practice mock tests and quizzes.

Revise all the topics again. 

Day 8 




Day 9


Notes on Verb

Revise- Pronoun and Noun

Day 10


Ranking Arrangement

Day 11


Early Vedic Period

Important Dynasties of Ancient India

Diseases Caused by Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa and Worm

Day 12

English, GK & Reasoning Revision

Revise topics covered on Day 8,9,10 & 11

Day 13Mock TestSSC stenographer Mock Test
Day 14English


Auxiliary Verb

Important Questions on Verb

Synonyms and Antonyms

Day 15GK

Geography Notes on Landforms Created by Wind and Water action

Fundamental Rights & Duties

Gupta Empire

Atmosphere and its layer

Day 16



Blood Relation

Distance & Direction

Day 17



One word Substitution

Synonyms and Antonyms

Day 18


Cell Division & Bio-Molecules

Diseases Caused by Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa and Worm

Human Excretory System

Day 19

Revision of all the subjects

Revise all the topics covered (Day 13 to Day 18)

Mini Mocks for Practise

Daily Quizzes

Day 20


Mock 7

Mock 8

Mock 9

Mock 10

Note down all the weak topics and revise them thoroughly

Day 21

Revision of all the subjects

Revise all the topics covered so far in all the subjects from Day 1 to Day 12

Day 22



Idioms and Phrases 

Full list of Idiom & Phrases Quiz

Day 23



Synonyms and Antonyms

Day 24

Current Affairs PDFs

India Ranking in Different Indexes 2018: Download PDF (English+Hindi)

Complete List of Awards & Honours 2018: Download PDF (English +Hindi)

Important Summits & Conferences 2018: Download PDF (English + Hindi)

Day 25

Weekly Current Affairs PDFs

Full list of Weekly Current Affairs (English + Hindi)

Day 26

English Grammar

Spotting Error

Day 27


Alphabet Test Quiz

Day 28


Active & Passive Voice

Day 29


Revision of all topics (Day 23 to Day 28)

Day 30 English

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement

Spelling errors

Cloze Test

Para jumbles

Vocab Quiz Based on Synonyms/Antonyms 

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

 Day 31GK

Polity Notes on Age Limits in Indian Constitution

 Indian Judiciary

Indian National Congress (1907-1930)

 Political & Social Organizations Before INC



Day 33English

Important Notes & Rules of Conjunctions 

Reading Comprehension

Day 34Reasoning


Mirror Image & Water Image

Day 35GK

Important Dynasties of Ancient India

Chalukya & Pallava Dynasty

Vedic Literature Part I

Vedic Literature Part II

Vedic Literature and Aryans

Day 36Revision

Revise all the topics covered from Day 30 to Day 35

Day 37English

All you need to know about Determiners

All you need to know about Conditional Sentences

All you need to know about Interjection

Spotting Errors Quiz Based upon Previous Year Question Papers

Day 38Reasoning


Syllogism (Quiz Inside)

Day 39GK

Human Digestive System

Human Respiratory System

Important Deserts of the World

Unemployment & Its types

Day 40English

Direct & Indirect Speech

Day 41Current AffairsCurrent Affairs
Day 42English

Spotting Error

Day 43Revision 

Revise all the topics covered from Day 35 to Day 42

Day 44 English

One Word Substitution

Day 45 Reasoning

Reasoning Arithmetic

Day 46GK

Indian Tax Structure

The preamble of the Indian Constitution

Basics of Indian Economy

Day 47English

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 1

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 2

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 3

Mixed Topics Quiz

Day 48Revision

Revise all the topics from day 42 to 47

Day 49Weekly Current Affairs PDFs

Full list of Weekly Current Affairs (English + Hindi)

Day 50GK


Important Fuels & their Compositions

Early Vedic Period

Gravitation & Satellite

Lok Sabha

Regulatory Body of India

Day 51English

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 1

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 2

Mixed Quiz on Narration & Voices 3

Fill in the Blanks Quiz I

Fill in the Blanks Quiz II

Day 52Revision

Revise all the topics of English

Sentence Correction

Para Jumbles

Day 53GK

Miscellaneous Notes on Biology for SSC Exam

Biology Important Questions

Biology Notes on Plant Tissues& Hormones for SSC Exams

Biology Notes: Sex Determination in Human Beings

Day 54GK

Chemistry Notes: Organic Compounds & Hydrocarbon

Chemistry Notes on Synthetic Material and Chemical Used in Everday life

Chemistry Notes: Chemical Formula & Uses of Some Important Compounds

Day 55GK

Mixtures and its separation


Solubility and Colloidal Solution


Chronological Order of Indian History 

Day 56Reasoning

Basic Concepts & Short Tricks of Fictitious Symbol questions

Mirror Image & Water Image

How to Solve Statement & Conclusion Questions

Day 57GK

Notes on Important Scientific Laws and Theories for Railways & SSC Exams

General Awareness Study Material

Day 58Revision

Revise Day 1-25 (All topics)

Day 59GK

Solar System

Motion (Quiz Inside the Article)

Parliament of India

Day 60GK 

Monthly Current Affairs

Note: Although we will try to cover all the essential topics, we request you not to simply stop self-study or learning new things. Your extra efforts will help you increase your level of preparation.

How to Use SSC Stenographer Study Plan Effectively?

SSC Stenographer study plan is only effective when utilised properly. Below, we are providing some tips on how to effectively use the study plan to gain maximum benefits from it.

  • Try to find if that question can be solved by any shortcut method. This way, Students would cut down on the petty mistakes they may commit in the real exam.
  • Revise the notes you made for GK or English. Revisions & Mock Tests are the two essential tasks one has to perform during these days of preparation.
  • For efficient revision, we advise you to make GK sticky notes and paste them on your refrigerator or almirah, or anywhere in your room. Placing these Notes/ charts in front of your eyes all the time will help you memorize the GK more easily than trying to mug them.

Importance of SSC Stenographer Study Plan

As this is a highly competitive exam, knowing how to prepare for SSC stenographer exam is essential. For this a study plan is crucial. There are various benefits of following SSC Stenographer study plan which will elevate the level of your performance significantly. Check out these benefits below.

  • It helps you have a daily schedule you can follow easily without hassles.
  • It is designed in a way which will help you study and revise all important topics of the SSC Stenographer Syllabus effectively.
  • SSC Stenographer study plan gives you a detailed outline of what topics to study which will help you save time you might spend on deciding among different topics.
  • As the plan is pre-defined it will help you avoid procrastination as you have to complete topics for each day on the specified day itself.


SSC Stenographer Study Plan FAQs

  • SSC Stenographer Study Plan is a detailed schedule which will help you cover all the important topics of the exam in a span of 60 days. The study plan will not only help you cover the topics but will also help you revise so, you can score good marks in the exam.

  • We have mentioned 60 days SSC Stenographer Study Plan above which will help you cover the syllabus in 2 months. This SSC Stenographer Study plan is prepared by subject experts at BYJU'S Exam Prep to help you prepare efficiently for the upcoming exam.

  • SSC Stenographer preparation gets relatively easier with a study plan because it gives candidates a well-defined schedule to follow. It helps save time and helps candidates effectively study as well as revise important topics for the exam.

  • Following the above-mentioned SSC Stenographer study plan will not help you cover all the subjects, but will also help you in your revision. Hence, you will be able to revise the SSC Stenographer Syllabus in its entirety. 

  • You must give 2 hours to every section. However, you must devote more time to that section that you think you are weak in.

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