Reading Comprehension for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 30, 2020, 16:40

Reading Comprehension is a significant part of English Language Examination for Staff Selection Commission - Common Graduation Level Test (SSC Exams). Reading Comprehension questions would check your understanding of the language and your ability to frame answers using the right grammar, proper vocabulary, and integrating what you have read with what you already know.

Students preparing for SSC, Railway Recruitment, and other exams for government bodies need to spare enough time for Reading Comprehension. If you prepare well, reading comprehension SSC exams can be a high-scoring topic for you. You need to go through the syllabus, exam pattern, and other aspects and prepare for reading comprehension SSC Exams accordingly.

This can be a high weightage topic which can also be turned out to a high scoring topic for you if you prepare considering every aspect in the syllabus. Also, scoring lower in this topic may affect your overall score to the cut-off in the English section. So, it would be wise to spare time to prepare for Reading Comprehension.

Significant Topics for Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension syllabus for SSC exams would include various aspects. You need to read the given passage carefully and answer the questions related to it. Yet, the exam patterns for Tier I and Tier II SSC Exams differ a bit.



Questions (Tier-I)

Questions (Tier-II)


Fill in the blanks, synonyms and Antonyms, Spellings, Idioms, Phrases, Sentence Improvement, Cloze-Test (Only Tier II)

7 to 12

30 to 60


Fill in the blanks, sentence improvement, spotting the error, active-passive voice, direct-indirect speech

6 to 10

35 to 60


Reading Comprehension



Sentence Rearrangement

Jumbled sentences, para jumbles


10 to 30




So, students appearing for Tier I Exams can skip some Reading Comprehension topics for SSC exams:

  • Cloze Test
  • Direct-Indirect speech
  • Sentence Rearrangement

Solving previous question papers and question banks from BYJU'S Exam Prep would help you to improve your grasp and command on various topics in this segment. Keep practising as many questions as you can to understand every topic precisely.

Tips to Solve Reading Comprehension Questions

There may not be a standard Reading Comprehension formula for SSC exams. Yet, try to improve on the following factors to get the best score:

  • Improve Your English Grammar: 

You need to focus on basic grammatical concepts right from the beginning. Continue reading comprehension notes, and practice framing and writing the answer in a to-the-point manner to score high.

You should also keep solving Reading Comprehension questions and answers SSC exams provided by BYJU'S Exam Prep. You can start with easy topics and then practice writing answers on the tedious matters too. 

  • Work on Your Vocabulary:

Extensive reading keeping a dictionary aside would help you get command on various words, phrases, idioms, and so on. Try to understand Reading Comprehension tricks for SSC exams well from the beginning. These tricks would help you improve your answering skills using the most appropriate words.

  • Practice Comprehension:

Make a habit of solving the Reading Comprehension quiz for SSC exams. You would be able to gradually improve your answers by understanding the topics and integrating the concepts with your current knowledge. Taking Reading Comprehension notes for SSC exams is also a great way to work on your language skills.

  • Focus on Sentence Rearrangement:

This topic has the most tricky Reading Comprehension problems in SSC exams. So, start practising sentence rearrangement from the initial stage. This skill requires perfection in grammar and sentence construction to avoid a grammatical error.

You should develop the skill to grasp the irregularities or grammatical errors in the given statement and quickly restructure the correct sentence as your answer. So, try to get in-depth knowledge of basic grammar.

Importance of Reading Comprehension for SSC CGL & Other Competitive Exams:

  • Reading Comprehension helps examiners to gauge your analytical skills and your command over grammar and vocabulary. These aspects are necessary for better communication skills.
  • You can score full marks in this segment as questions would be of objective type. You need to prepare well for all the topics in this segment. So, you should prepare to solve the questions quickly and correctly.
  • Apart from being a linguistic skill, Reading Comprehension also helps you to develop management skills. The recruiting body expects good decision-making skills from you understanding the objectives conveyed to you.
  • Reading Comprehension would help you understand any concept and communicate it to others in a simple manner. So, this segment remains among the most significant parts of SSC exams.

Why Prepare Reading Comprehension from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep compiles model questions and answers, quiz, and notes for Reading Comprehension. Prominent teachers and coaches prepare this study material. So, you can get all you need for Reading Comprehension in one place. This saves your time in search of sources for preparation.

BYJU'S Exam Prep has been the most trusted online platform for SSC CGL and many other competitive exams for recruitment in central and state government departments. It would be beneficial for you to learn from experts and shape a bright career.

Recommended Books for Reading Comprehension

Referring to the best books and study material helps you to learn things quickly. Again, as you refer to the best books, you will understand the grammatical concepts correctly. So, we are suggesting the best reference books here to help you score well.

The following books would help you prepare for Reading Comprehension:

Reading Comprehension questions and answers pdf for SSC exams

You can download questions and answers from BYJU'S Exam Prep’s official website and practice.

Objective General English by S P Bakshi

This book covers various topics in grammar, along with Reading Comprehension.

Competitive General English by Kiran Prakashan

A comprehensive reference book for various competitive exams including SSC CGL.

Perfect Competitive English by V K Sinha

Another fabulous reference book to improve English Grammar for competitive exams.

Quick Learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal

A reference book suitable to brush-up your knowledge.


Cracking SSC & Railway exams would be a stepping stone in your career. BYJU'S Exam Prep assists you with your preparations and lets you gain the best knowledge in the desired subjects effectively. So, register today to get the best study material for Reading Comprehension and learn from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You would have a few questions about Reading Comprehension. Here are answers to some of the significant questions.

  • How to prepare for Reading Comprehension for SSC CGL Exams?

Answer: You can download Reading Comprehension questions and answers pdf for SSC exams from BYJU'S Exam Prep and begin your preparation well in advance. The study material helps you to learn the ideal pattern for your solutions to score high.

  • What is the most reliable resource of study material for Reading Comprehension?

Answer: BYJU'S Exam Prep offers Reading Comprehension online tests for SSC exams and many other forms of study material. You can rely on this most well-designed resource for the best results.

  • What should I read to improve English Reading Comprehension?

Answer: Reading newspapers, magazines, books on various topics apart from your textbooks would help you improve English Reading Comprehension. You need to understand the matter and be able to answer questions based on them precisely.

  • How can I improve in Cloze Test and Sentence Rearrangement?

Answer: Improving your reading speed through extensive reading, working on reasoning skills, and practice to rearrange grammatically correct sentences would help you improve in Cloze Test and Reading Comprehension.

  • How Reading Comprehension helps in reaching the SSC CGL cut-off?

Answer: If you prepare well, there would be bright chances to attain full marks in this segment. Try to get rid of the tricky questions through consistent practice and improvement in your grammar. As it would be easier to reach the cut-off if you don’t lose any marks on this topic.