100+ Idiom and Phrases for SSC CGL 2023, Download SSC CGL Idioms & Phrases PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Idioms and Phrases hold significant importance in competitive exams. Candidates often face questions related to idioms and phrases in the English section of the various SSC exam. As per the analysis, at least 4-5 idioms questions are asked in SSC CGL exam. So keeping this fact in mind, we bring you 100+ Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL. These idioms and phrases can be learned and revised for other SSC exams too.

Since it is difficult to decipher or memorize the meaning of the idioms, here we have shared a few tips to help you memorize them for longer. We’ve also provided the SSC CGL idioms and phrases PDF which can be downloaded at the bottom of the post.

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL

Idioms and phrases for SSC CGL and other exams are extremely significant. If candidates are familiar with important idioms and phrases as well as their meanings, they can easily get a good score in the English section. Candidates who are aspiring to make their career in govt jobs must learn the idioms and phrases for SSC CGL exam.

What are Idioms?

Idioms are nothing but a collection of words or phrases with established widespread metaphorical meanings. These statements cannot be taken literally since doing so would be meaningless. Grammar rules do not necessarily apply to idioms. Idioms are expressions that depict human activities, responses to specific circumstances, social traits, routines, and traditions.

Some important idioms for SSC CGL are given below:

Idiom: Apple of someone’s eyes

  • Meaning: a person or thing that someone loves very much
  • Sentence: Kamal’s eldest daughter is the apple of his eye as she is his firstborn.

Idiom: A left-handed compliment

  • Meaning: An insult in the pretense of expression of appreciation.
  • Sentence: She said she liked my hair, but it turned out to be a left-handed compliment when she asked how long I’d been dyeing it.

Idiom: A sight for sore eyes

  • Meaning: a person or thing that one is extremely pleased or relieved to see.
  • Sentence: After being away from home for so long, my friends and family were a sight for my sore eyes.

What are Phrases?

A phrase is a group of words without a subject and verb. In English, a phrase is a collection (or pair) of words. A phrase can be brief or lengthy, but it lacks the subject-verb agreement required to form a clause.

Some important SSC CGL phrases are given below:

  • The bewildered tourist was lost.
  • He was waiting for the rain to stop.
  • The lost puppy was a wet and stinky dog.
  • She was upset when it didn’t boil.
  • The flu clinic had seen many cases of infectious disease.
  • Taking my dog for a walk is fun.
  • It was a story as old as time.
  • Walking in the rain can be difficult.

SSC CGL Idioms and Phrases Questions

Generally, idioms and phrase questions that are asked in the SSC exams are easy to moderate in difficulty level and mostly repeated from the SSC CGL previous year question papers. Candidates are given the idiom or phrase and asked to choose the right option describing its meaning or vice versa. Check out some of the SSC CGL idioms and phrases questions given below to know the types of questions asked from this topic.

1. To give oneself airs

  1. Space to breathe
  2. Time
  3. Acting strange
  4. Behaving arrogantly

Ans. D.

2. At a stone’s throw

  1. At a short distance
  2. At a place where quarrels take place
  3. At a great distance
  4. A quarry

Ans. A.

3. Bone of contention

  1. A delicious non-vegetarian item
  2. An item that made them content
  3. Cause for quarrel
  4. A link between them

Ans. C.

4. To end in smoke

  1. To fail
  2. To create smoke
  3. To end
  4. To emit smoke

Ans. A.

5. To spill the beans

  1. To reveal the partial truth
  2. To be untidy
  3. To reveal a secret
  4. To conceal a fact

Ans. C.

SSC CGL Idioms and Phrases PDF

Given the importance of idioms and phrases for SSC exams, we have prepared a compilation of 100+ Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL. Candidates are advised to download the PDF for their convenience. The direct link to download SSC CGL Idioms and Phrases PDF is provided below.

Idioms and Phrases PDF for SSC CGL

Important Idioms for SSC CGL

The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam is one of the most sought-after exams. Thousands of aspirants appear for this exam and compete for Group B & C posts. And knowing important idioms and phrases for SSC CGL will make you stand out from others and help you fetch maximum marks. Tabulated below are a few important idioms and phrases for SSC CGL.

List of Idioms Meaning Usage in sentence
The apple of your eye Used to refer to someone whom you are fond of. Raman is the apple of his parent’s eye. 
A Bite at the cherry An opportunity to start or achieve something SSC CGL exam is a bite of the cherry for many aspirants.
Apples and Oranges Two things that cannot be compared Radha is good at painting while Ridhi is good at music both are like apples and oranges.
Lemon  A vehicle that is inefficient The second-hand car that I bought is a lemon.
Peach Used to refer to something or someone who is beautiful Raksha feeds helpless children on the streets every weekend. She is such a peach.
A Plum Job Refers to a good job Raman got a plum job in one of the ministries.
Go Pear shaped To be unsuccessful It is okay to go pear-shaped in your first attempt. At least you tried.
Cool as a cucumber To remain calm and composed even in a difficult situation Neha was cool as a cucumber when the manager reprimanded her.
Go Bananas To lose temper or go crazy These days it has become normal for people to go bananas over traffic menace.

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL 2023: Preparation Tips

Because there are so many idioms and phrases in the English language, it might be difficult for SSC aspirants to remember them all. It’s not tough to learn idioms and phrases for SSC exams 2023 like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC GD, etc. With the appropriate strategy and some helpful tips, students may effortlessly recall idioms and phrases and improve their scores. Given below are some quick tips that can help you memorize idioms and phrases for SSC CGL 2023 in an effective way

  • One Step at a Time: Avoid attempting to memorise so many idioms in one sitting. It will lead to confusion and difficulties in revising idioms. Decide on a goal number and strive to learn that many idioms per day. Start with 20 idioms per day.
  • Try to relate idioms to the visuals and representations in the pictures: This is one of the best strategies to memorize idioms and phrases for SSC CGL. When you hear an idiom, attempt to visualize it in your head again and then try to connect the image to the phrase’s meaning.
  • Understand the Idioms’ Context: Make an effort to understand the context in which an expression or idiom was used. You will be able to understand and remember an idiom better as a result. Context is therefore essential.
  • Learn, write, and revise
  • Try to speak with friends and family on a regular basis using these SSC idioms and phrases.

Stay tuned for more useful study notes! 


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