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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Synonyms and Antonyms is an important topic for any competitive exam. Practicing synonyms and antonyms for SSC and Railways Exam 2023 are very important for the candidates, as they are scoring and less time-consuming if you know their meanings. Candidates often find it difficult to know how to prepare synonyms and antonyms for SSC CGL, CHSL, and other SSC exams. If you are also one of them, fret not, as here we have provided 700+ Synonyms & Antonyms in SSC English Vocabulary PDF based on frequently asked questions by the commission and by analyzing SSC CGL previous year question paper.

SSC has already released the SSC Exam Calendar 2023 announcing the upcoming exams’ notification date and exam date. As per the recent notifications, SSC CGL 2023 Tier 1 exam is scheduled to be conducted from 14-27th July 2023 whereas SSC CHSL will be conducted on 26th June 2023. Therefore, these synonyms & antonyms in SSC Previous Year Vocabulary PDFs become very important for aspirants as the questions based on them are found to be frequently repeated with a slight modification.

Synonyms & Antonyms for SSC CGL

To get an idea about the importance of vocabulary in SSC exams you must go through the previous year’s question papers. There are different types of vocabulary questions asked in exams like One Word Substitution, Idioms, and Phrases, synonyms/antonyms, the Meaning of words, etc. Also, knowing synonyms and antonyms for SSC CGL will benefit both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams.

What are Synonyms?

Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning as another word.

What are Antonyms?

Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word.

Synonyms and Antonyms Meaning

The release of some SSC exam notifications has come as a huge comfort to applicants preparing for various SSC Exams 2023. With the SSC CGL & SSC CHSL just around the corner, it is critical that we prepare thoroughly for the exam. The English Section is a required component of all SSC examinations. One of the most significant and frequently asked questions in this subject is about synonyms and antonyms. Before moving any further let us first understand Synonyms and Antonyms meanings.

The Synonym is a word which has the same/almost the same meaning as another word while Antonym is a word which has the exact opposite meaning.

SSC Previous Year VocabularyPDF

Students can download the pdf for SSC English Antonyms and Synonyms from the link given below. Memorizing these SSC English Antonyms and Synonyms will exponentially enhance your performance in SSC and Railway exams.

> SSC Previous Year Antonyms and Synonyms PDF

SSC Synonyms & Antonyms

English has always been an integral part of all the government exams and it provides great weightage in the final merit list because of which thorough preparation is required, and for that having a good grasp of English vocabulary increases the chances of your candidature in government exams. Hence, here we have listed SSC Synonyms and Antonyms that were asked in the exams over the years.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Perceived Discern, Recognize, Notice Misunderstand, Ignore, Misperceive
Grievance Complaint, Objection, Grudge Compliment, Praise, Peace
Crusade Campaign, Drive, Fight Prevent, Halt
Vulnerability Liability, Weakness Aid, Asset, Strength
Contention Conflict, Dispute, Discord Affection, Peace, Friendship
Flexible Resilience, Elasticity, Compliance Rigidity, Inflexibility

Synonyms & Antonyms List

Aspirants who are planning to appear for SSC Exams 2023 can refer to the Synonyms & Antonyms List tabulated below:

Word Antonyms Synonyms
Gorgeous Dull, unpretentious magnificent, dazzling
Glut Starve, abstain stuff, satiate
Grisly Pleasing, attractive disgusting, atrocious
Gracious Rude, Unforgiving courteous, beneficent
Guile Honesty, frankness cunning, deceit
Glory Shame, Disgrace Dignity, renown
Gloomy Gay, Bright Bleak, cloudy
Harass Assist, comfort irritate, molest
Hamper Promote, facilitate retard, prevent
Hazard Conviction, security Peril, danger
Liberal magnanimous, generous Stingy, malicious
Hapless Fortunate, Lucky unfortunate, ill-fated
Haughty Humble, Submissive arrogant, pompous
Hideous Attractive, alluring frightful, shocking
Heretic Conformable, religious non-conformist, secularist
Harmony Discord, discord Conformity, Amicability
Hamstrung Strengthen, Encourage Cripple Debilitate
Honor Denunciation, Shame Adoration, Reverence
Hasty Leisurely, Cautious Abrupt, Impetuous
Humility Boldness, Pride Resignation, Fawning
Humble Proud, Assertive Meek, Timid
Impenitent Repentant Uncontrite, Obdurate
Hypocrisy Sincerity, frankness Deception, Pharisaism
Masculine Gallant, strapping Feminine, meek
Indifferent Partial, Biased Equitable, Haughty
Impulsive Cautious, Deliberate Flaky, Impetuous
Infernal Heavenly Damned, Accursed
Indigent Rich, Affluent Destitute, Impoverished
Interesting Dull, Uninteresting Enchanting, Riveting
Immaculate Defiled, Tarnished unsullied, spotless
Imminent Distant, Receding impending, brewing
Immerse Emerge, uncover submerge, involve
Impair Restore, Revive diminish, deteriorate
Immunity Blame, Censure prerogative, privilege
Impediment Assistant, Concurrence hurdle, obstruction
Impartial Prejudiced, Biased just, unbiased
Impute Exculpate, support attribute, ascribe
Impious Pious, Devout irreligious, unholy
Incompetent Dexterous, Skilled inefficient, unskilled
Inclination Indifference, Disinclination disposition, affection
Inevitable Unlikely, Doubtful unavoidable, ascertained
Incongruous Compatible, harmonious inappropriate, absurd
Ingenuous Wily, Craftly undisguised, naive
Infringe Comply, Concur violate, encroach
Insipid Delicious, luscious tasteless, vapid
Insolvent Wealthy, solvent indigent, destitute
Intrigue Candor, Sincerity scheme, conspiracy
Intricate Regulated, Orderly tangled, complicated
Invective Approval, acclamation accusation, censure
Intrinsic Extraneous, incidental genuine, fundamental
Immaculate Defiled, Tarnished Exquisite, Impeccable
Invincible Effeminate, languid unconquerable, impregnable
Irrepressible Composed, hesitant irresistible, unconfined
Jejune Interesting, exciting dull, boring
Jaded Renewed, recreated tired, exhausted
Jubilant Melancholy, depressing rejoicing, triumphant
Jovial Solemn, morose frolicsome, cheerful
Just Unequal, unfair honest, impartial

Synonyms and Antonyms for Competitive Exams

Synonyms and Antonyms for Competitive Exams are a crucial component. In the English language part of major government exams such as SSC, IBPS and others, candidates commonly encounter questions about synonyms and antonyms. Candidates lose marks in the English part if their vocabulary is inadequate. The use of synonyms and antonyms is very important in everyday conversation. As a result, we’ve compiled a Synonyms and Antonyms list. Candidates will also be able to download a list of Synonyms & Antonyms PDF for the convenience of preparation.

Advantages of SSC Previous Year Vocabulary PDF

As we have established, antonyms and synonyms for SSC are an integral part of your preparation. They can help improve your score and hence, must be prepared carefully. There are many advantages of referring to SSC previous year’s vocabulary PDF which we have mentioned below.

  • The weightage of every question is the same and comparatively vocabulary questions take much less time than others.
  • There are at least 3-4 questions asked on this topic and having a good grasp of vocabulary can fetch you good marks in very less time.
  • It can help you understand comprehension more easily and quickly.

There are so many SSC exams coming up and for that, we are providing SSC Previous Year Vocabulary PDF to make you prepare better for the SSC exams 2023.

Synonyms & Antonyms for SSC CGL: Important Tips to Remember

Vocabulary can not be memorized in a single day. It takes continuous efforts to build an enriched vocabulary. But following the below-mentioned tips might fasten up the process. Take a look at preparation tips for SSC CGL Synonyms & Antonyms.

  • Don’t try to learn all words in one day, start with 5 words per day.
  • Don’t go for the direct words and meanings approach as it will be hard for you to revise after getting an ample amount of words. Instead, just take 5 root words daily and you will be able to learn many words around that root word.

    Eg: Root word: Logy – The science or study of:
    Astro (=Star) +Logy = Astrology (Study of Stars)
    Bio (=life) + Logy = Biology (Study of Living things)

If you follow the right strategy and have a proper approach toward your goals, no one can stop you from scoring good marks in SSC English Antonyms & Synonyms.

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