Static GK Topics for SSC CGL 2022

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Static GK Topics for SSC CGL 2022: General Knowledge section is one of the most scoring sections of every competitive exams, especially SSC and Railway Exams. This section aims to analyze candidates' general awareness about things happening around the world. You can score better by good preparation and practice, as you can attempt more questions in less time.

To score better, you have to break the GK Section into different sub-sections according to their weightage in the SSC exams. In GK, questions are generally asked from Current Affairs, general science, static gk, computer awareness & miscellaneous. Among these, today we will discuss Static GK for SSC in detail to help you score better in SSC and Railway exams 2022 like SSC CGL 2022SSC CHSL 2022SSC MTS 2022RRB NTPC CBT 2RRB Group D 2022, etc. 

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Static GK for SSC CGL 2022

One of the SSC CGL Exam's highest scoring sections is the static GK. It measures the candidate's static general knowledge of events that have occurred in India and throughout the world. You may attempt the most questions in the least amount of time and do well on the General Awareness part with just solid practice and preparation. A good and thorough number of static GK notes are necessary for effective preparation and practice. In this article, we have complied the SSC GK articles to assist you with your study notes.

The following chapters are included in "Static GK":

  • Polity
  • Economics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science 

Static GK Topics for SSC CGL 2022

Knowing the important Static GK Topics for SSC CGL 2022 will keep you one step ahead of others as it will help you score maximum marks from GK section. Tabulated below are the Static GK topics for SSC CGL 2022 that you cannot afford to miss.

SubjectStatic GK Topics
PolityHistory in the making of the constitution.
Basic constitutional framework.
Indian Parliamentary System.
Constitutional Provisions For States In India.
Local Government & Constitutional Bodies.
Indian Judiciary System
EconomicsBasic Economic Times
Money and Banking
People and Poverty
Tax and Budget
Economic Reforms
HistoryFrom Old stone age to civilization
The Magadha Empire
Southern Kingdoms
India in Medieval Times
The Mughal Era
Sufi and Bhakti Movements
Europeans on Indian Social
Social, Education, and Administrative Reforms
Movements that were Regional in Nature
Indian National Movements
Gandhian Philosophy in Achieving Independence
After War Politics
GeographyGeography  as a discipline
Landforms on the surface of the earth
Indian Geography

Static GK Topics Weightage

The section-wise weightage of Static GK sections is mentioned in the table below. Before preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL 2022 Exam or any other Government Exam candidates can go through this article for complete preparation of Static GK.

Static GK Topics

Static GK Topics Weightage

Sub Topics

Economy & Finance


Economics, Features of the Indian Economy



Indian Geography, World Geography, Physical Geography



History of India, World History

Indian Polity


Indian Polity & Constitution

Science & Technology


Biology, Chemistry, Computer, Discoveries & Inventions, Physics, Space, Defence in India



Honours & Awards, National & International Organizations, Sports, Art & Culture, Books & Authors, etc

What to Study in Static GK to Enhance Your SSC GK Scores?

Static GK is an integral component of the General Awareness section where the weightage of the questions asked in this section is very high and there is a great chance for students to score better in this section to increase the overall score in the examination.

Sub-Parts of Static GK/ GA Syllabus 

Static GK is the backbone of the GK section. In the recent exams conducted by SSC & Railway, we have seen the trend that a lot of questions are generally asked from Static GK. It covers around 40% of the General Awareness & General Knowledge section and questions are generally asked from static topics like Indian History, Art & Culture, Geography, Polity, etc. This huge dominance of Static GK in the overall GK section makes this section very important if you wish to enhance your GK score.


What to Study in Static GK to Score Better in SSC GK/GA Section?

Static GK section is huge, there are more than 100 topics to study. But after the research from the previous years' question papers, we have picked all the important topics you must learn. These are the topics that are repeatedly asked in the SSC & Railway exams 2022. Here is the list:

How to Study Static GK to Score Better in SSC GA/GK Section?

Now you know why and what to study in Static GK to score better marks in the GK Section of the SSC 2022 exams. In this part, we will discuss some of the ways through which you will be able to ace the Static GK Section. 

Structurize the study: Make a proper study plan and follow it sincerely. Although the strategy varies from person to person, one may need 3 hours to remember the facts while the other can make it in a single hour. But what everyone needs to do is include this portion in the daily study plan. Try to give at least 1 hour daily for the static gk section.

Focus on Important Static GK Topics: Static GK is vast and has numerous topics to cover. Hence the first important thing to do is understand the important topics where the questions are more likely to come from. We have already shared the list of the important topics with you, make sure you go through those Static GK topics for SSC exams.

Regular Practice: Try to practise as many Static GK questions as you can. The more you practice the more you will improve your speed and accuracy. Also, solve previous year question papers.

Subject Wise quizzes: Besides working on the previous years' papers, you need to practice with the new sets of questions too for revision. And that's where our daily quizzes will help you. There are subject-wise as well as miscellaneous quizzes to boost your preparation. Both patterns will help you to track where exactly you are lacking, and which portions need more polish. 

Polity QuizAttempt Now
History QuizAttempt Now
GeographyAttempt Now
MiscellaneousAttempt Now

Full-length Mock Test: We also provide you with full-length mock tests to give you a fist-hand-experience of how it feels to solve those exact 25 questions among the whole 100 questions paper. Sometimes your brain may work efficiently while solving questions from only a single subject but gets confused when working around 4 subjects at a time. You can easily avoid that chance of confusion by attempting full-length mock tests.

Youtube Session: And last but not the least, if you are worried about where to find the study material, the solution is our daily Youtube sessions. In these sessions, the best faculty teach you the right approach to every portion of the subject as well as gives you proper guidance to make self notes and overall tips. 

Static GK for SSC CGL PDF

The Static GK for SSC CGL PDF in the general awareness area have a significant impact and carries a lot of weightage. This section in minimum time raises both your sectional and overall scores. You must therefore focus solely on the static GK PDF in order to improve your score and to gather good study material. Here in this article, we have provided the Updated Static GK topics along with the Static GK for SSC CGL PDF which includes all important information regarding the important topics in Static GK. Candidates can use these Static GK PDFs if they're studying for the SSC CGL 2022.

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  • Static GK for SSC CGL 2022 is important as there are a great number of questions asked in this section and the weightage of this section in the examination is very high. Therefore, candidates are advised to go through this article completely to gain complete knowledge about this section to score maximum marks.

  • You can find the Static GK for SSC CGL PDF in this article. The PDF is given along with the important Study Notes of static GK for SSC CGL 2022. Candidates can go through the notes and can download the Static GK for SSC CGL PDF for future reference.

  • Candidates can find the Static GK Section wise weightage for SSC CGL 2022 in this article where candidates can also find the important Static GK topics for SSC CGL 2022 in this article.

  • Some of the important Static GK topics of General awareness for SSC CGL 2022 are Union Budget 2022, State & Its Folk Paintings, List of Indian Monuments and temples, Government schemes, Awards and their Fields etc.

  • Static GK covers around 40% of the General Awareness & General Knowledge section of the SSC and Railway Exams. Other than that the main components of GA section are Current Affairs, General Science and Computer Basics.

  • To Study Static GK to Score Better in SSC GA/GK Section 2022, students must focus on important topics, practice regularly and attempt subject-wise quizzes. Some of the best SSC GK Books are Lucent's General Knowledge book, Arihant's General knowledge objectives etc.

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