Analogy Study Notes for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Sep 15, 2022, 18:18

Analogy means similarity or similar relationships between two things. The word Analogy has been derived from two different words, which are  "Ana" means relation "Logus", which means knowledge. Here we will study the similar conditions shared by two things, based on the similar features of two things. Also, we will try to approach and solve analogy questions for SSC CGL.

The important SSC exams for various posts conducted in the country are SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC GD, SSC Stenographer, SSC JHT, SSC CPO, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL. Some of the important railway recruitment exams are RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, RRB ALP and Technician, Assistant Station Master, ECRC, Section Engineer, Goods Guard, Assistant Manager, Railway Services Grades, Railway Engineer.

Before knowing much about Reasoning Analogy we will discuss below the types of Analogy.

Analogy Topics for SSC Exam

Semantic Analogy

Analogy which plays with words. In semantic analogy, similar nature of words is to be linked with one another.

Number Analogy

There will be some pattern given in the question and on the basis of a given pattern, the answer has to be found out.

Figural Analogy

Here, candidates are asked to select the correct figure based on the pattern given in the question.

Alphabetical/ word Analogy(Odd One Out)

An analogy where candidates need to find odd words or alphabet from the given group.

Solving analogy questions for SSC CGL based on these types mentioned above will give a brief idea about the analogy. Once an aspirant starts solving SSC analogy questions, they find it interesting and easy. 

There are 3-4 analogy questions for SSC CGL, and 3 questions for the Railways exam. Analogy questions for SSC CGL vary from easy to moderate. Aspirants can easily score full marks in analogy if they have practiced more questions and are well versed in analogy rules and patterns of questions.

Analogy Tricks for SSC Exams

  • The candidate needs to observe analogy questions for SSC CGL carefully to analyse the pattern. If the pattern is understood, then it takes seconds to get the correct answer.
  • If the candidate is not able to understand the pattern of the analogy, then he/she needs to check the options given. Based on options given and the questions, the candidate would be able to get the answer. 
  • For questions based on numbers, BODMAS and basic maths functions must be known.
  • Basic knowledge of GK is also required.

Importance of Analogy

  1. Analogy increases the ability of a person for quick decision-making.
  2. Analogy SSC is the easiest reasoning topic, so one can easily score full marks.
  3. Analogy helps in making choices and predictions.
  4. Analogy helps in finding solutions for problems in daily life.

Most recommended books for Analogy

Book Name


A new approach to Logical Reasoning

B.S Siwali, Indu Sijwali

Verbal Reasoning 

R.S Aggarwal

SSC Reasoning Chapterwise

S.N Prasad

Lucent Reasoning

Arihant Publication

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Examples of Reasoning Analogy:

  1.   Court : Justice :: School : ?
  2. Teacher     b. Student    c. Education    d. Principal

Answer : The correct answer is option c.

  1.     Weight : Kilogram
  2.   Second : Hours                            b. Mile : Length
  3.   Temperature : Kelvin                   d. Pressure : Watt

Answer:   The correct answer is option c

  1.     EGIK : LJHF :: SUWY: ?
  2.     ZXVT           b.       TVXZ         c. LNPR          d. MOQ

 Answer:    The correct answer is option a.


There are various types of Govt. exams conducted every year. Lakhs of aspirants participate in the exams. To crack these exams, a strategy is needed to be followed by the candidates. These exams are not difficult if the candidate has put his/ her efforts into continuous practice. Continuous practice is the key to crack these exams. Analogy SSC is the easiest topic in Govt. Exams. Candidates can score full marks if they prepare sincerely and are well versed in the topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Analogy?

An analogy is the criteria to find the similarity or comparison between two things.

2. What is the use of Analogy?

People interact, visualise and develop their ideas using analogies. It further helps scientists in their discoveries by forming hypotheses.

3. What are the problems with using Analogy in Reasoning?

Analogies help in shaping an argument, but it may sometime mislead. It may easily take us to the conclusion, but the conclusion may or may not be the right one. Sometimes no decision is possible based on Analogies.

4. What are the types of Analogy?

  • Opposite Analogy
  • Object and classification Analogy
  • Object and Related Object Analogy
  • Cause and effect Analogy
  • Problem and Solution Analogy

5. From where can I get analogy questions for SSC CGL?

There are various links and sources for getting analogies questions, but you can find the best analogy questions for SSC CGL on the Byju's Exam Prep platform.