How much copper is obtained from 100g of copper sulphate?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The amount of copper obtained from 100g of copper sulphate is 39.81g. Copper is an essential metal that is used in everyday life. Copper sulphate is an inorganic matter which is also used for purposes like killing bacteria, etc. Copper sulphate combines sulphur and copper. To know the amount of one matter in such combinations, moles are used.

Amount of Copper Obtained from 100g of Copper Sulphate

To calculate the amount of copper in 100g of copper sulphate, we will use moles. It is known that 1 mole of CuSO4 provides 1 mole Of Cu. Thus,

CuSO4 + 2 e- → Cu (s) + SO42-

Now, considering that the molar mass of Copper sulphate is 159.5 and of Copper is 63.5, we will derive the next equation,

159.5g of CuSO4 = 63.5g of Cu


1g of CuSO4 = 63.5/159.5g of Cu

= 100g of CuSO4 = 0.398 × 100g of Cu

Hence, there is 39.81 g of copper in 100 g of copper sulphate.

Copper and Copper Sulphate

Copper is denoted by Cu and Copper Sulphate is denoted by CuSO4. Copper refers to an element which is reddish brown in colour. It has the atomic number 29. It is considered a great conductor of heat and electricity and is also very ductile and malleable. Copper sulphate on the other hand is an inorganic matter which is blue in colour. It is made with a combination of copper and sulphate is very effective in killing bacteria.


How much copper is obtained from 100g of copper sulphate

39.81g of copper is obtained from 100g of copper sulphate. This amount was calculated after taking molar mass into consideration. Copper sulphate is a combination of sulfur and copper and has copper in certain quantity only.

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