What Type of Clothes Should we Wear in Summer?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The type of clothes we should wear in summer are cotton and light-colored. It is preferable to wear light-colored clothes in summer as they absorb less heat. Similarly, one should also wear cotton clothes in summer as they are a good absorber of water. As a result, they absorb sweat from our bodies. It exposes our sweat to the atmosphere due to which it also evaporated faster, cooling our bodies in the process.

Type of Clothes Should We Wear in Summer

Light-colored, cotton clothes are the type we should wear in summer. There are different seasons such as summer, spring, winter, and autumn. We were different types of clothes in different seasons. During summer, one should wear light-colored cotton clothes. These types of clothes are proven to provide comfort during summer and protect our bodies from heat.

  • Light-colored clothes are not good absorbers of heat. They also tend to reflect the light back.
  • This protects the body from excessive heat during summer.
  • Cotton clothes are good absorbers of water which makes them absorb sweat faster.
  • It also helps cools our body as the sweat evaporates.
  • Dark-colored clothes should be avoided during summer as they absorb heat and can increase body temperature.

Reasons for Wearing Cotton Clothes in Summer

Cotton is the most preferable fabric in the summer season. There are many reasons for it which are mentioned below.

  • Cotton absorbs water easily due to the pores in it. This means cotton also absorbs sweat easily from our bodies.
  • It then exposes this sweat to the atmosphere making it evaporate faster.
  • During the evaporation of sweat, it gains energy from our body cooling it in the process.
  • Cotton clothes are also comfortable as they are very soft and protect our bodies from getting rashes due to heat.


What Type of Clothes Should we Wear in Summer?

We should wear light-colored cotton types of clothes in summer. Light-colored clothes are bad absorbers of light and protect the body from heat. Cotton clothes absorb water and hence, cool the body by absorbing sweat and facilitating evaporation. This is why such clothes are preferable during the summer season.

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