Why are Lysosomes known as Suicide Bags?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Lysosomes are known as suicide bags because they burst whenever any cells get damaged. Lysosomes contain digestive enzymes that are released whenever there are any excess or damaged cells in the body. These enzymes digest such cells and also protect bodies from various bacteria and viruses. Lysoosmes are a type of organelles that are crucial for various cell processes in our body. They help in the process of apoptosis to maintain healthy bodily functions.

Lysosomes are known as Suicide Bags

Lysosomes are the suicide bags of the cells as they are capable of self-destruction. These organelles are spherical in shape and are generally present in the cytosol of the cells. They are membrane-bound and are very small in size. Lysosomes contain digestive enzymes which help them obliterate any cells that are in excess or damaged.

There are hydrolytic enzymes in Lysosomes that help in the destruction of cells. These organelles destroy cells that have aged or are infected by foreign bodies like viruses or bacteria. Lysosomes are also known as the digestive system of the cells.

Functions of Lysosomes

Lysosomes play an important function in the human body. They are called suicide bags because of their ability to secrete digestible enzymes that kill the cells and also themselves in the process.

  • Lysosomes can degrade any outside material that has entered and damaged the cells.
  • They also kill the cell itself to ensure it cannot harm the body.
  • Lysozymes also ensure that the cells that are damaged and beyond repair get secreted through their enzymes.
  • They are highly acidic in nature and are also capable of ingesting bacteria.


Why are lysosomes known as suicide bags?

Lysosomes are known as suicide bags of cells because they can self-destruct. These are a kind of organelles that are important for the body to stay healthy. When a cell gets too aged, damaged, or invaded by foreign agents, these lysosomes secrete digestive juices to kill that cell and itself in the process.

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