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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Coding Decoding for SSC: The Coding-Decoding test is used for evaluating a candidate’s ability to determine the rule used to code a certain message and then break the code to reveal the message. In several competitive exams, coding and decoding are asked from the Reasoning Section; however, the quality of questions varies.

SSC Exams 2023 are about to start, and Coding Decoding is an important topic in these exams. Here are some useful tips and tricks to solve coding decoding questions promptly. These tips will assist you in performing better in your upcoming exams. It is best to look over the Coding-Decoding questions to obtain a better understanding of this topic. Candidates may download the Coding-Decoding Questions PDF given below.

Coding Decoding Questions for SSC

Coding: When a letter/word/sentence is written or delivered in a language that conceals its true meaning from all but the intended receiver.

Decoding: It can help you decipher the true meaning of a coded letter/word/sentence. In general, coding is done using the English alphabet and the placement of the letters.

In these questions, a word (base word) is coded in a specified way, and applicants are asked to code other words in the same way. In truth, there is no consistent and precise type or category of these questions that we may use to categorize coding-decoding inquiries. However, for the applicants’ convenience, we have divided the various types of questions with photos and explanations into individual headings. To solve coding-decoding problems, you must first understand the positions of all alphabetical letters in both forward and reverse order. This section looks at several strategies for memorizing these positions.

Forward Position


Backward Position


Coding-Decoding Reasoning Questions PDF

From the downloadable links below candidates can download Coding-Decoding Reasoning Questions PDF in both Hindi and English language. Candidates are advised to download the PDFs at their convenience and can save these PDFs for practice purposes.

How to Solve Coding-Decoding Questions in Reasoning?

There is always a lot of speculation among candidates regarding the reasoning section especially when it comes to solving one of the most crucial topics of this section i.e., Coding-Decoding. Candidates can go through the pointers given below in order to solve these questions effectively.

  • Look at the code closely for various letters and numbers.
  • Look whether the series is ascending or descending.
  • Determine the rule that the alphabet/numbers/words adhere to.

Types of Coding-Decoding

A description of various types of Coding-Decoding is provided below.

Type 1: Letter Coding

Type 2: Number Coding

Type 3: Substitution

Type 4: Mixed Letter Coding

Type 4: Mixed Number Coding

Type 1: Letter Coding

In this type of Coding in which the letters are replaced with other letters.


Type 2: Number Coding

The candidate must observe and guess the hidden code of two or more groups of numbers in the Number Coding segment of reasoning ability. Once the parent code is determined, the applicant must use it to generate other numbers.


Type 3: Substitution

It assigns specific items to code names in replacement coding. Then, in the same way, a question is posed to solve the answer.

Type 4: Mixed Letter Coding

In this form of questions, three or four entire messages in the coded language are presented, and the code for the specific phrase is requested. To analyse such codes, and if any two messages with the same term are chosen. That will be the common code word.

Type 5: Mix Number Coding

In this mixed number-coding question, three or four entire communications in the coded language are supplied, and the code number for a certain word is requested.

Coding-Decoding Tricks

Below are some crucial Coding-Decoding tricks for SSC Exams 2023 like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL etc. These tricks will be helpful for the aspirants that are preparing for the upcoming Government exams in 2023.

  • Read the question attentively and make a note of the key codes.
  • Understand the question first by going through the fundamental principles.
  • Look for a sequence or pattern in the question.
  • Pay close attention to the numbers or alphabet in the question.
  • A similar form of decoding can be done to many questions, with the goal of solving them all using the same manner.
  • Practice a wide range of Coding and Decoding questions.
  • Attempt mock tests on a regular basis to analyse your performance and strengthen your weak points.

Coding-Decoding Questions

As per the SSC CGL exam analysis, questions from the Reasoning Section’s Coding-Decoding topic are asked in government exams like SSC, Railways, and so on. As part of the Logical Reasoning section, many competitive exams contain a Coding-Decoding section. It basically tests the candidate’s ability to understand code language. Each question on this topic will have a word and its coded version. Students must decode the logic underlying this coding and then apply that logic to another supplied word to obtain the answer in the form of a code. Following are the questions asked in SSC CGL Previous Year Papers.

1. In a certain code language, ‘CYTOSKELETON’ is written as ‘TYCKSOELENOT’, ‘MALNUTRITION’ is written as ‘LAMTUNTIRNOI’. How will ‘ALLITERATION’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| B

2. In a certain code language, ‘NUMERICAL’ is written as ‘ICALRNUME’ and ‘SCATTERED’ is written as ‘EREDTSCAT’. How will ‘EXPLOSION’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| D

3. In a certain code language, ‘FUEL’ is coded as ‘50’ and ‘JEER’ is coded as ‘44’. How will ‘FARE’ be coded in that language?

A. 36
B. 34
C. 40
D. 38

Answer ||| A

4. In a certain code language, ‘BREAK’ is written as ‘BSEBK’ and ‘FAST’ is written as ‘FBSU’. How will ‘BREAKFAST’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| A

5. If in a code language KENT is coded as 4 and WATER is coded as 10, then how will you code WINTER?

A. 23
B. 12
C. 56
D. 5

Answer ||| B

6. In a certain code language, ‘RATE’ is written as ‘UDWH’ and ‘RICH’ is written as ‘ULFK’. How will ‘SAVE’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| A

7. In a certain code language, ‘FATHER’ is written as ‘REHTAF’, and ‘COUPLE’ is written as ‘ELPUOC’. How will ‘REMAIN’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| B

8. In a certain code language, ‘DIVIDE’ is coded as ‘7 17 43 17 7 9’ and ‘SUBTRACT’ is coded as ’37 41 3 39 35 1 5 39’. How will ‘ADDITION’ be coded in that language?

A. 1 6 7 17 29 17 29 27
B. 1 7 2 17 22 17 29 27
C. 1 7 7 15 39 17 29 29
D. 1 7 7 17 39 17 29 27

Answer ||| D

9. In a certain code language, ‘RAJU’ is written as ‘WFOZ and ‘SITA’ is written as ‘XNYF’. How will ‘MONU’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| A

10. In a certain code language, ‘ARROW’ is written as ‘FOOSE’ and ‘GERM’ is written as ‘THOR’. How will ‘MOWER’ be written in that language?


Answer ||| C

Importance of Coding-Decoding for SSC Exams 2023

We have listed below a few important topics which make Coding-Decoding an important component of the reasoning section in SSC Exams 2023 as SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, etc.

  • For SSC, at least three to five questions from the coding and decoding area will be asked.
  • There are no mathematical formulas or computations necessary.
  • This is a simple scoring topic. You can solve it quickly if you are familiar with the patterns and have practiced well.
  • Coding and decoding problems are frequently repeated.

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