What are Natural and Man-made Disasters?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Natural and man-made disasters are two types of disasters. Natural disasters are major events that are a result of natural processes whereas Man-made disasters are major catastrophes that are caused as a result of human activities. Both natural and man-made disasters cause huge damage and loss of life. Some examples of natural disasters are Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. Gas tragedies, chemical spills, biological hazards, air crashes, and nuclear blasts are all human or man-made disasters.

Natural and Man-made Disasters

A disaster is an unexpected incident that causes major damage to life and property on a large scale. Natural disasters are major events caused due to earth’s processes that result in loss of life and environmental harm. Man-made disasters are tragedies caused by human activities Be it a natural or a man-made disaster, the damage and loss caused by them are massive. There are numerous incidents in history indicating both natural and man-made disasters.

Difference Between Natural and Man-made Disasters

Disasters of any kind can cause major loss of life and property. Man-made and natural are two types of disasters. The major differences between natural and man-made disasters are tabulated below.

Natural Disasters Man-made Disasters
These disasters are caused by natural factors. These disasters are caused by human activities.
Natural disasters cannot be controlled by humans. Man-made disasters can be controlled by humans.
These disasters cannot be prevented. These disasters can be prevented.
These are caused by climatic or geographical factors. These are caused by negligence or carelessness of humans.
For example, Floods, Tsunami, Earthquake For example, War, Nuclear Attack, Bio-Chemical Attack


What are Natural and Man-made Disasters?

Natural and man-made disasters are caused due to different reasons. Natural disasters are caused by the natural processes of the earth and they cannot be prevented. On the contrary, man-made disasters are typically caused by human intervention and activities and can be prevented.

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