30 Opposite Words in English from A to Z

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Opposite words in English are also known as antonyms. An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. There are millions of antonyms in the English language. They are an important part of the English language. Also, opposite works are a great way of improving your vocabulary. Given below are 30 examples of opposite words in English A to Z. These will certainly help you improve your vocabulary and grasp the meaning of opposite words in a better way.

Opposite Words 

Opposite words refer to the words that describe the meaning of a word in an opposed manner. These words are a crucial aspect of any language and form a strong foundational basis for its grammar. Opposite words work to make the language more diverse and enjoyable. There are countless opposite words in the English language, some of which one must know to improve their grammar and overall command.

Opposite Words in English A to Z

As mentioned, there are many opposite words in English. Knowing them is one of the best ways of improving your skills in the language. Not only will it improve your grammar but it will also make reading and writing enjoyable. Below, we have mentioned 30+ opposite words in English A to Z which will certainly help you improve your vocabulary.

Letter A:

Adversity- Prosperity

Alien- Native

Letter B: 

Bind- Release

Letter C:

Callous- Compassionate

Calamity- Fortune

Letter D:

Decay- Flourish

Letter E:

Eclipse- Shine

Letter F:

Ferocious- Gentle

Letter G:

Glory- Shame

Letter H:

Harmony- Discord

Letter I:

Ignore- Notice

Letter J:

Jovial- Solemn

Letter K:

Kindred- Unrelated

Letter L:

Lavish- Scarce

Letter M:

Miraculous- Ordinary

Letter N:

Novice- Veteran

Letter O:

Opaque- Transparent

Letter P:

Progress- Retrogress

Letter Q:

Quaint- Familiar

Letter R:

Rebellious – Submissive

Restrain – Incite

Letter S:

Sympathy – Antipathy

Letter T:

Timid – Bold

Tame – Wild

Letter U:

Uncouth- Elegant

Letter V:

Venom- Antidote

Vigilant- Careless

Letter W:

Wicked – Virtuous

Letter Y:

Yield – Resist

Letter Z:

Zeal – Lethargy


Opposite Words in English

There are thousands of opposite words in the English language. They are essential if you are looking to improve your English language skills. Opposite words in English are an important topic crucial to learning grammar. It helps in building your vocabulary. Here are a few examples of opposite words in English for your understanding. These words will help you grasp what the opposite words or antonyms actually mean.

Opaque- Transparent

Harmony- Discord

Sympathy – Antipathy

Glory- Shame

Calamity- Fortune

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