Name of any 10 domestic animals?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Names of 10 domestic animals are cats, dogs, cows, rabbits, etc. Domestic animals are the opposite of wild animals, Wild animals can feed and survive on their own. In contrast, domestic animals need to be looked after. They make excellent pets and companions. Domestic animals are raised by people away from their natural environment. In other words, domestic animals can be tamed, unlike wild animals as they can only be tamed to an extent.

10 Domestic Animals

10 domestic animals are cows, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, rabbits, etc. There are many benefits of raising domestic animals as they are friendly and provide you with unconditional love. Moreover, they even learn to protect people and can be extremely faithful to you. Here are 10 common domestic animals name that are commonly found in homes or farms.

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Rabbit
  4. Donkey
  5. Cow
  6. Fish
  7. Sheep
  8. Pigs
  9. Horse
  10. Goat

What are Domestic Animals?

Domestic animals are a type of animals that are not raised in their natural habitats. These types of animals are raised in homes or farms. Domestic animals are treated as both companions and workers. Some domestic animals are kept in homes or raised on farms to perform functions such as protecting properties, plowing the fields, carrying loads, producing food, providing companionship, etc.

Domestic animals depend on humans for shelter and food. This is unlike wild animals who can fend for themselves. Domestic animals are trained to help humans and not harm them in any way.


Name of any 10 domestic animals

Names of 10 domestic animals include cats, dogs, rabbits, donkeys, cows, fishes, sheeps, horses, goats, and pigs. These animals can be domesticated and raised in environments that are not their natural habitats. Domestic animals are unlike wild animals and can often not fend for themselves.

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