SSC CGL GA GK Questions: Download SSC CGL GK Previous Year Questions PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL GK Questions are a powerful tool that can help you improve your score in the exam. GK being a scoring subject can help you crack the exam if you follow a proper strategy. Preparing GK for SSC CGL exam can be challenging for the aspirants as it is really vast. But being acquainted with the SSC CGL previous year GK questions and having a few preparation tips up your sleeve will make things a lot easier for you.

As SSC CGL Tier 1 exam is around the corner and there are only a few days left in the examination. According to the new exam pattern, GK/GA is a crucial component of Tier 2 as well therefore, we have provided GK Questions for SSC CGL that were asked over the years and you might come across in the upcoming exam. This will help you understand the important topics of SSC CGL General Knowledge sections and help you fetch maximum marks from this section. You can also download the SSC CGL GK Questions PDF and make notes on it. 

SSC CGL GA GK Questions

SSC CGL exam is one of the most popular exams that is conducted in the country. Lakhs of candidates appear for the exam as over 6500+ SSC CGL vacancy have been released. Therefore, you must leave no stone unturned to ace the exam. To achieve your dream job, it is important to be mindful of the way you approach preparation. SSC CGL GA GK Questions are one of those ways which can be of immense help to you on your journey to cracking the exam.

As per the latest changes in the SSC CGL Exam Pattern, GK is an integral part of the SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam. Therefore we are going to provide you all with all the relevant information on GK for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam.


The SSC CGL Exam’s General Awareness (GA) and General Knowledge (GK) Section is regarded as one the high-scoring sections. It seeks to assess candidates’ general awareness and familiarity with current national and international events. You can attempt more questions in less time and earn good marks in the GA and GK Sections with careful planning and practice.

GK/GS for SSC CGL Syllabus

Before starting your preparation, knowing the syllabus is essential. Below we have provided the syllabus of GK for SSC CGL which will help candidates prepare optimally. GK (General Awareness) in the SSC CGL exam can be divided into various sections such as-

  • History
  • Geography
  • Polity
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Static GK

How to prepare GK for SSC CGL

Tips and strategies to prepare GK for SSC CGL are provided below in detail, candidates can refer to the points given below:

Divide the Topics of GK for SSC CGL Exam

  • Go through the SSC CGL Syllabus and start with the topics that hold the maximum weightage.
  • Start by learning the most important parts of that subject.
  • Prepare the main issues from each of the high-weightage subjects’ previous year’s questions.
  • Examine the topics’ strong and weak parts and prepare some practice questions.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

Review the papers at least from the last five years. You will be better able to identify the subjects that are usually asked in SSC exams. Additionally, attempting SSC CGL Previous year papers in the preparation session will boost your confidence and help you better comprehend the exam. Additionally, it has been noted that the SSC occasionally asks the same questions. Therefore, don’t ignore them.

Practice Mock Tests

Practising SSC CGL mock test is essential as it tells about the SSC CGL exam pattern and it gives you a first-hand idea about the examination and also makes you understand the types and depth of questions asked in the examination. 

SSC CGL GK Questions with Answers

The important SSC CGL GK questions are provided below, these questions are of great relevance as these questions give the idea about the questions that are going to be asked in the SSC CGL Examination.

1. Which of the following decades was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the International Decade for Action on ‘Water for life?

A. 1994 – 2004
B. 1972 – 1982
C. 1983 – 1993
D. 2005 – 2015

Answer ||| D

2. Which of the following is NOT a type of mosquito?

A. Limulus
B. Culex
C. Aedes
D. Anopheles

Answer ||| A

3. Which of the following is the middle layer in the root apical meristem that gives rise to the cortex?

A. Periblem
B. Calyptrogen
C. Dermatogen
D. Plerome

Answer ||| A

4. The 61st Amendment to the Constitution of India ______.

A. Restricted the size of council of ministers to 15% of the number of legislative members
B. Reduced the age for voting from 21 to 18 years
C. Substituted ‘Odia’ for ‘Oriya’
D. Exempted Arunachal Pradesh from reservation for Scheduled Castes in Panchayati Raj institutions

Answer ||| B

5. Which of the following is NOT a broad mitigation technique of landslide?

A. Construction of retention wall to stop land from slipping
B. The surface drainage control works to control the movement of landslides along with rainwater and spring flows.
C. Hazard mapping to locate areas prone to landslides
D. Reduction in the vegetation cover to arrest landslide

Answer ||| D

6. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

I.Gandhi Peace Prize is an annual award instituted by Government of India since 1995

II.The award is open to all persons regardless of nationality, race, language, caste, creed or sex.

III.The Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020 was conferred on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

A. Only I and II
B. Only I
C. I, II and III
D. Only III

Answer ||| C

7. Gulzar was awarded the 66th Filmfare Award for ‘Best Lyrics’ for the film ______.

A. Thappad
B. Sir
C. Chhapaak
D. Ludo

Answer ||| C

8. Colloidal systems – such as gum, starch, proteins, cellulose, agar and gelatine – when placed in water, will absorb a large volume of water and swell up. These substances are called ______.

A. Porins
B. Apoplast
C. Combustibles
D. Imbibants

Answer ||| D

9. As per the provisions of Union Budget 2021-22, how many public sector banks have been lined up for disinvestment?

A. Seven
B. Three
C. Two
D. Five

Answer ||| C

10. Which of the following rivers originates in a spring at Verinag in the south-eastern part of Kashmir?

A. Beas
B. Jhelum
C. Chenab
D. Sutlej

Answer ||| B

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SSC CGL GA GK Questions: Download SSC CGL GK Previous Year Questions PDF

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SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions

Below we are going to provide you all with the SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions that have been asked in the SSC CGL Examination up till now. Go through these questions to get more knowledge about the SSC CGL GK Questions.

1. The theme of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s famous novel ‘Anand Math’ is based on_______

A. Sannyasi’s revolt
B. Chunar revolt
C. Rangpur revolt
D. Veerbhumi revolt

Answer ||| A

2. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India deal with the right to equality?

A. 14 to 18
B. 25 to 28
C. 19 to 22
D. 23 to 24

Answer ||| A

3. In September 2020, Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved increasing MSP of ______ Rabi crops for the marketing season 2021-22

A. two
B. eight
C. six
D. four

Answer ||| C

4. Which of the following events in 2018 holds the Guinness World Record as being the largest annual fundraising event in the world (as of April 2021)?

A. Patagonian International Marathon
B. Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
C. London Marathon
D. Baxters Loch Ness Marathon

Answer ||| C

5. Which of the following Amendment Acts of the Constitution of India abolished the privy purses and privileges of former rulers of princely states?

A. 25th Amendment Act 1971
B. 26th Amendment Act 1971
C. 28th Amendment Act 1972
D. 27th Amendment Act 1971

Answer ||| B

6. In which of the following years did the Indian army free Goa from the Portuguese?

A. 1956
B. 1959
C. 1961
D. 1967

Answer ||| C

7. In order to prevent tooth decay safely and effectively by making use of water, it is subject to which of the following processes?

A. Iodisation
B. Fluoridation
C. Carbonisation
D. Chlorination

Answer ||| B

8. The scientific name for the domestic ______ is Canis lupus familiaris.

A. Buffalo
B. Cat
C. Dog
D. Cow

Answer ||| C

9. A celt is ______ from the Neolithic period.

A. a tomb
B. a house
C. a tool
D. an urn

Answer ||| C

10. The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument is located in the ______.

A. Arctic Ocean
B. Arabian Sea
C. Atlantic Ocean
D. Red Sea

Answer ||| C

11. GV Mavalankar was the Chairman of the ______ of the Constituent Assembly of India.

A. Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas
B. Committee on the Functions
C. Order of Business Committee
D. Ad hoc Committee on the National Flag

Answer ||| B

12. Who among the following was appointed as the brand ambassador of Eat. fit in March 2021?

A. Devdutt Padikkal
B. Virat Kohli
C. Deepika Padukone
D. Sonu Sood

Answer ||| A

13. In March 2021, Bhavani Devi became the first Indian ______ to qualify for the Olympics.

A. fencer
B. golfer
C. boxer
D. swimmer

Answer ||| A

14. The Swachh Swasth ______ is an initiative to achieve better health outcomes through improved sanitation, increased awareness, and healthy lifestyles.

A. Samagra
B. Sansara
C. Sarvatra
D. Swarga

Answer ||| C

15. Sikandra is the final resting place of Emperor ______.

A. Jahangir
B. Shah Jahan
C. Akbar
D. Humayun

Answer ||| C

16. Prashant Bhushan, who was a founding member of India Against Corruption movement, is a prominent Indian ______.

A. film director
B. sports commentator
C. lawyer
D. industrialist

Answer ||| C

17. As per an estimate by the ‘Food Waste Index Report 2021’, released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in March 2021, India wastes approximately ______ kg food per person per year.

A. 25
B. 100
C. 50
D. 20

Answer ||| C

18. The National Rail Plan announced in the Union Budget of 2021-22 aims to create a future-ready railway system by which of the following years?

A. 2024
B. 2030
C. 2025
D. 2029

Answer ||| B

19. The Union Budget 2021–22 has recommended a voluntary scrapping policy for vehicles based on fitness tests after a period of ______ years for personal vehicles.

A. 10
B. 20
C. 15
D. 25

Answer ||| B

20. Hot water can be a pollutant if it comes from:

(a) A hot spring (b) A power plant (c) An industry 

A. Both (b) and (c)
B. Only (c)
C. Only (a)
D. Only (b)

Answer ||| A

21. Participation in which of the following activities is NOT recommended for the motor development of a student?

A. Playing cricket
B. Joining a dance class
C. Attending Yoga sessions
D. Helping the visually challenged

Answer ||| D

Why are SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions Important?

SSC CGL will now be conducted in two tiers, both of which are objective, with no descriptive paper or skill test. It is critical that you practise as many mock and previous year’s questions as possible before taking the exam. Previous year’s questions will help you improve your speed and accuracy because you will know what type of questions will be asked during the exam. Solving SSC CGL previous year questions can help you understand the types of questions asked, the exam pattern, and the difficulty level of the questions. Examine the SSC CGL previous year GK questions provided in this article and practice to strengthen your preparation and boost your confidence in what you have learned.

SSC CGL GK Questions PDF

We have created the 8 Important SSC CGL GK PDFs containing Previous Years’ & Expected Questions with answers. These PDFs will be in English as well as the Hindi Language.

Subjects SSC CGL GK Questions PDF in English SSC CGL GK Questions PDF in Hindi
History SSC CGL GK Questions History SSC CGL History Questions PDF
Geography SSC CGL GK Questions Geography SSC CGL Geography Questions PDF
Indian Polity SSC CGL GK Questions PDF Polity SSC CGL Polity PDF in Hindi
Chemistry SSC CGL GK Questions Chemistry SSC CGL Chemistry PDF in Hindi
Physics SSC CGL Physics Questions PDF SSC CGL Physics PDF in Hindi
Biology SSC CGL GK Questions PDF Biology SSC CGL Biology PDF in Hindi
Economics SSC CGL Economics Questions PDF SSC CGL Economics PDF in Hindi
Static GK


SSC CGL Static GK Questions PDF in Hindi

We are providing you with the SSC CGL GK Questions PDFs with answers so that you can get all information at one place. You can download PDFs of GK for SSC CGL and refer them whenever you want to.

All The Best !!! 


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SSC CGL GA GK Questions: Download SSC CGL GK Previous Year Questions PDF

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