PCI Full Form in Computer

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The PCI full form can mean different things in different fields. For instance, it stands for the Pharmacy Council of India, Per Capita Income, and even the Payment card industry. However, when it comes to computers, the PCI full form has a different meaning. It stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect which is like a local computer bus which is used to attach hardware components or devices to a computer.


The PCI full form stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect in computers

Now that you know what PCI full form stands for, let’s understand what devices are included under PCI. So, the PCI or the Peripheral Component Interconnect connects the hardware devices such as extension cords, sound cards, and network cards to the computer. However, in recent years, the PCI is getting replaced with PCI express. 


PCI Full Form in Computer

The abbreviation PCI can stand for different terms in different fields. The PCI full form in computer terms stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect which is a kind of local computer bus used to attach hardware devices to a computer. 

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