What is the Full Form of TBC in ICC Cricket World Cup?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you must have surely come across the abbreviation ‘TBC’. But what is the TBC full form? TBC stands for ‘to be confirmed’ and denotes a scorecard that is yet to be confirmed by the International Cricket Council or ICC. TBC also means that the cricket teams that are playing in the international tournament will be confirmed after the end of the group stage. 

The first instance when the TBC full form was used in a world cup was in 2007 when the Indian team entered the tournament with a scorecard of 266/6 against the Bangladesh team on the last day.


The TBC Full form stands for ‘To be confirmed’ in the ICC Cricket World Cup 

The TBC full form is usually displayed during the finals and semifinals in place of the qualifying teams. This entails that the teams will only be confirmed once the group stage or preliminary matches are over. TBC scorecard is a scorecard with a score that has not been confirmed. Moreover, a TBC scorecard depicts the level of motivation in the team to win the prestigious world cup. 

Why is TBC Important in ICC Cricket World Cup?

When it comes to the history of the ICC Cricket world cup, the TBC scorecard has always played a significant role. There have been many matches where the submitting the TBC scorecard led to a fair decision in the world cup. 

For instance, in the 2007 Afghanistan vs Australia match, the scorecard was not confirmed even after the end date showing that both teams had a warlike approach in the match. Thus, it is important to follow the TBC scorecard as it helps understand how a team is performing and where they stand as compared to all the other countries. 


What is the TBC Full Form in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

The TBC full form in terms of the ICC cricket world cup is ‘to be confirmed’. The TBC scorecard displays the expected score of a team but which has not been confirmed yet. It is a way to decide the position of a team as compared to its competitors in the course of the world cup. 

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