What is the Full Form of SDPO?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Full Form of SDPO is Sub-Divisional Police Officer. It is a unique rank taken from the British Indian Police Act of 1861. The position was introduced in our country by the British Lord Raffles to help carry out policing responsibilities in India. The SDPO acts as a medium between the district police and the state government.

Full Form of SDPO

Patrolling and investigation are some of the duties that come with being an SDPO. They deal with issues related to tribes and enhance law and order in the community. However, SDPOs are only permitted to detain people under the authority of a Magistrate or Judge and are not authorized to make arrests.

Many large police stations require sub-divisional police officers to ensure law and order are maintained. In addition, an SDPO has the same authority as a sub-divisional magistrate but not at police stations.

Powers of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer

  • They do not have the authority to arrest people against their will because they are not inspectors.
  • Their role and powers, however, are similar to those of a police inspector.
  • The state police are frequently understaffed, so it is critical to recruit SDPOs to keep the peace.


What is the SDPO Full Form?

The SDPO full form stands for Sub-Divisional Police Officer, and it is a unique police rank that was introduced by the British in India. SDPOs have a similar role as inspectors but lack the power to arrest people without the orders of a magistrate. The SDPOs also act as a medium between the state government as well as the district police in India.

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