Name the Full Form of POCSO

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The full form of POCSO is Protection of Children from Sexual Offences. The POCSO Act was introduced in 2012 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to address the heinous sexual offences committed against children and young adults. Smriti Irani introduced the amended bill in 2019. This Act was passed with the intention of protecting children from sexual crimes and harassment, both of which are very common.

POCSO Full Form

On July 18, 2019, Smriti Zubin Irani, the minister of women and child development, introduced the POCSO Bill in the Rajya Sabha. Reporting of child abuse incidents is now required due to the POCSO Act. In order to enable trials for these crimes and other related offences, it also emphasises the creation of Special Courts.

This includes situations in which a child has been harmed by someone they trusted.

  • Additionally, if an adult knows about such cases but does not report them, they may face a fine or a 6-month jail sentence.
  • Moreover, the Act mentions reporting false cases or false information and further outlines punishment for child traffickers who complained of sexual harassment and more.
  • Under this Act, the judicial process to report, investigate, and record evidence has become child friendly.


Name the Full Form of POCSO

POCSO’s full form is the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, and it was created to protect people under the age of 18 from sexual offenses. The Act made it easier to report sexual crimes and outlined the penalties for offenders. It is mandatory to report child abuse incidents due to the POCSO Act.

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