List the Resources on the Basis of the Status of Development with Examples

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Resources on the Basis of the Status of Development include potential, development, reserve, and stock resources. Resources refer to anything that holds value for humans. There are various types f resources that are divided on the basis of origin and availability. However, resources are also divided based on how they are developed and can further be developed for optimal use by humans.

Resources on the Basis of the Status of Development

Resources refer to substances that are valuable to humans and can be used for the development of society. Human civilization is highly dependent on various resources as they serve many purposes. On the basis of the status of development, resources can be classified into four types, which include.

  • Developed Resources
  • Potential Resources
  • Stock Resources
  • Reserves Resources

Developed Resources

Developed resources refer to the resources which have already been found and developed for human use. Such resources have already been defined in terms of their use, quality, and quantity. They are already in use for various technical and economical purposes. Examples of developed resources are petroleum, coal, gas, etc.

Potential Resources

The type of resources that have been found but are not yet being used are called potential resources. Such resources are called so because of their great potential in producing energy. Examples of potential resources include solar energy, wind energy, etc. Humans are yet to use the full potential of such resources. 

Stock Resources

Stock resources are known to be the resources whose existence is known, however, there is a lack of technical advances which does not allow one to extract a use out of them. Humans are not yet able to use these resources, however, the knowledge of their existence and potential is present. Examples of stock resources include oxygen, hydrogen, etc.

Reserve Resources

Reserve resources are the resources that we are not currently abstracting. These resources are being saved for the future generation as there is plenty for the current generation. Examples of reserve resources are forests, coals, minerals, etc. These resources are also being saved in case of any emergencies in the future.


List the Resources on the Basis of the Status of Development with Examples

Potential, development, reserve, and stock resources are the kind of resources that are divided based on the status of development. Examples of potential resources include solar and wind energy, reserve resources include forests and minerals, stock resources include oxygen and hydrogen, and developed resources include coal and petroleum.

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