Civil Engineering: Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023

By Mona Kumari|Updated : July 23rd, 2022

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Students are preparing for the GATE 2022 with all of their full effort to achieve their dreams and BYJU'S Exam Prep is always with the students throughout their preparation journey in this regard, BYJU'S Exam Prep brings you the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023 of Civil Engineering. In this quiz plan, important questions and concepts through questions will be given from each subject.

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Key Features and Benefits of the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023

  • The questions are prepared by our team of subject experts and as per the level of the GATE Examination.
  • This quiz plan will cover each subject and topic important from the exam point of view.
  • You can check your rank and level of preparation in the particular subject and hence can work harder to clear your weak concepts.
  • It will help you to give accuracy and speed, which are very important to secure a good rank in the GATE examination.
  • It will help you to maintain consistency in your GATE 2023 preparation.

GATE 2023 Foundation Quiz Plan Details (Monday-Friday)

  • Number of Questions: 6 (Subject-wise Technical Questions)
  • Time Duration: 18 minutes
  • Live Time: 9 AM
  • Quiz Details: 4 Questions of 1 Marks, 4 Questions of 2 Marks
  • Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-1/3) for the wrong answer ; (+2) for correct answer and (-2/3) for the wrong answer

GATE 2023 Weekly Evaluation Quiz Plan Details (Every Saturday)

  • Number of Questions: 8 ( Subjects wise Technical Questions)
  • Time Duration: 20 minutes
  • Live Time: 9 AM
  • Quiz Details: 4 Questions of 1 Marks, 4 Questions of 2 Marks
  • Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-1/3) for the wrong answer ; (+2) for correct answer and (-2/3) for the wrong answer

GATE Foundation Quiz Schedule for Civil Engineering

The schedule of the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023 is as given below, Attempt Now link will be activated on the respective date.


Subject Name



18th AprilDesign of Steel StructuresPlastic AnalysisAttempt Here
19th AprilDesign of Steel StructuresRivets, Bolts and WeldsAttempt Here
20th AprilDesign of Steel StructuresTension MembersAttempt Here
21st AprilDesign of Steel StructuresCompression MembersAttempt Here
22nd AprilDesign of Steel StructuresBeams, Plate Girder, Industrial RoofsAttempt Here
23rd AprilDesign of Steel StructuresFull subjectAttempt Here
25th AprilHydrology and IrrigationPrecipitation, Evaporation and EvapotranspirationAttempt Here
26th AprilHydrology and IrrigationInfiltration and Runoff, Hydrographs and its AnalysisAttempt Here
27th AprilHydrology and IrrigationFlood estimation and routing, Reservoir and Channel RoutingAttempt Here
28th AprilHydrology and IrrigationTypes of irrigation systems, Water requirements of CropsAttempt Here
29th AprilHydrology and IrrigationLacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined CanalAttempt Here
30th AprilHydrology and IrrigationFull subjectAttempt Here
2nd May EnvironmentWater Demand and Sources of water, Groundwater and Well Hydraulics Attempt Here
3rd MayEnvironmentQuality of water, Water Treatment, Water distributionAttempt Here
4th MayEnvironmentWastewater treatment and characteristicsAttempt Here
5th MayEnvironmentSewage treatement, design and disposal of sewerAttempt Here
6th MayEnvironmentAir PollutionAttempt Here 
7th MayEnvironmentFull subjectAttempt Here 
9th MayFluid Mechanics-1 Fluid PropertiesAttempt Here 
10th MayFluid Mechanics-1 Manometry and BuoyancyAttempt Here 
11th MayFluid Mechanics-1 Hydrostatic Forces on SurfaceAttempt Here 
12th MayFluid Mechanics-1Fluid KinematicsAttempt Here  
13th MayFluid Mechanics-1Fluid Dynamics and Flow MeasurementsAttempt Here  
14th MayFluid Mechanics-1Full subject Attempt Here
16th May Fluid Mechanics-2Control-Volume Analysis & Laminar Flow Attempt Here
17th MayFluid Mechanics-2Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer TheoryAttempt Here
18th MayFluid Mechanics-2Turbulent FlowAttempt Here
19th MayFluid Mechanics-2Open Channel FlowAttempt Here
20th MayFluid Mechanics-2Dimensional AnalysisAttempt Here
21st MayStrength of Materials-1Full subjectAttempt Here
23rd MayStrength of Materials-1Metal's Property, Stress, and StrainAttempt Here
24th MayStrength of Materials-1Bending TheoryAttempt Here
25th MayStrength of Materials-1Shear Force and Bending Moment DiagramsAttempt Here
26th MayStrength of Materials-1Bending and Shear StressAttempt Here
27th MayStrength of Materials-1Composite beamAttempt Here
28th MayStrength of Materials-2Full subjectAttempt Here
30th MayStrength of Materials-2Principal Stress and Principal StrainAttempt Here
31st MayStrength of Materials-2ColumnsAttempt Here
1st JuneStrength of Materials-2Springs, Shear Centre, and Pressure VesselsAttempt Here
2nd JuneStrength of Materials-2Combined Stress & TorsionAttempt Here
3rd June  Strength of Materials-2Deflection of BeamAttempt Here
4th JuneStrength of Materials-2Full subjectAttempt Here
6th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementSteel, CementAttempt Here
7th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementConcreteAttempt Here
8th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementNetwork Analysis - CPMAttempt Here
9th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementNetwork Analysis - PERTAttempt Here
10th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementCrashing of NetworksAttempt Here
11th JuneBuilding Materials & Construction ManagementFull subjectAttempt Here
13th JuneStructure AnalysisDeterminacy and IndeterminacyAttempt Here
14th JuneStructure AnalysisSlope-Deflection MethodAttempt Here
15th JuneStructure AnalysisInfluence Line DiagramAttempt Here
16th JuneStructure AnalysisAnalysis of Trusses, arch, cableAttempt Here
17th JuneStructure AnalysisMatrix MethodAttempt Here
18th JuneStructure AnalysisFull subjectAttempt Here
20th JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcreteIntroductionAttempt Here
21st JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcreteLSMAttempt Here
22nd JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcreteShear, torsion, slabAttempt Here
23rd JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcreteColumn, bond, lap lengthAttempt Here
24th JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcretePRESTRESSAttempt Here
25th JuneRCC & Prestressed ConcreteFull subjectAttempt Here
27th June Transportation EngineeringGeometric design Attempt Here
28th JuneTransportation EngineeringTraffic engineeringAttempt Here
29th JuneTransportation EngineeringHighway MaterialAttempt Here
30th JuneTransportation EngineeringPavement designAttempt Here
1 JulyTransportation EngineeringRailwayAttempt Here
2 JulyTransportation EngineeringFull subjectAttempt Here
4 JulySurveyingBasic fundamentalsAttempt Here
5 JulySurveyingTraversing and triangulationAttempt Here
6 JulySurveyingLevellingAttempt Here
7 JulySurveyingTachometerAttempt Here
8 JulySurveyingPhotogrammetry, Remote sensing, GPS, GISAttempt Here
9 JulySurveyingFull subjectAttempt Here
11 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringOrigin & Properties of SoilAttempt Here
12 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringClassification & Compaction of SoilAttempt Here
13 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringEffective StressAttempt Here
14 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringPermeability & SeepageAttempt Here
15 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringConsolidation & Vertical Stress DistributionAttempt Here
16 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringFull SubjectAttempt Here
18 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringShear Strength of SoilAttempt Here
19 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringEarth Pressure & Stability of SlopesAttempt Here
20 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringShallow FoundationAttempt Here
21 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringDeep FoundationAttempt Here
22 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation EngineeringSoil ExplorationAttempt Here
23 JulySoil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Attempt Here

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  • Benefits of the GATE CE Foundation Quiz Plan:

    • Our team's subject experts prepare questions based on the level of the GATE Exam.
    • It will cover all of the important topics.
    • Examine your ranking and your level of preparation.
    • Candidates can improve their accuracy and speed by taking a quiz.
    • It will assist you in remaining consistent in your GATE Exam preparation.
  • The GATE CE paper comprises a total of 65 questions, according to the GATE exam pattern.

  • Yes, these quizzes are free for the GATE CE exam.

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