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GATE 2023 Environment Quiz 5

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Question 1

A sludge of 140 m3 has moisture content of 95 percent. The volume, if moisture content changes to 90 percent, will be ______ m3.

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements about sludge volume Index (SVI) is/are correct?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Which of there are correctly matched:

Question 4

A city was having a population of 3,25,000 in the year 1971 and 4,75,000 in 2011. According to geometric increase method, the growth rate per decade is _________%.

Question 5

If a rain water sample pas pH of 7.8 then [OH-] in 10-9 moles / Lt

Question 6

The analysis of Hard water shows the following composition.

Free CO2 = 3mg /L

Alkalinity = 68 mg/L

Non-Carbonate hardness = 92 mg/L as Ca CO3

Total Mg2+ = 15mg/L

Assume that it is possible to remove all but not 35 mg/L of hardness with lime and treated water to have a total hardness of 80mg/L. Determine the gravity of line required for treatment of per million lt of raw water, assuming that sodium Alkalinity is absent (round off to one decimal place)

Question 7

A waste water stream (flow=2 m3/s, ultimate BOD=90 mg/l) is joining a small river (flow=12 m3/s, ultimate BOD=5 mg/l). Both water streams get mixed up instantaneously. Cross sectional area of the river is 50 m2. Assuming the de-oxygenation rate constant, k’=0.25/day the BOD (in mg/l) of the river water, 10 km downstream of the mixing point is

Question 8

As per IS 875 (Part 3) – 1987, the basic wind speed at 10 m height for New Delhi has been recommended as 47 m/sec. A chimney is to be constructed for sugar mill with the stack height of 30 metres above ground. The speed of the surface winds to be considered for the safe construction of this chimney is.
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