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Question 1

Consider the following conditions:

1) Fluid is real

2) Flow is ideal

3) Flow is viscous

4) Flow is steady

5) Flow is along streamline.

The conditions to be satisfied for Bernoulli’s equation are.

Question 2

An orifice is located at side of tank with water level is 1.5 m above the centre of orifice. Water jet travel 0.8m distance (horizontal) and 0.2 m vertical fall. The coefficient of resistance of orifice would be:

Question 3

Water is flowing in a rigid pipe, the pressure wave travel will velocity (c) 950m/s. The value of compressibility of fluid is 6×10–10 . The value of water hammer pressure will be:

Assume velocity of water V = 4m/s.

Question 4

The small orifices A and B of diameter 1 cm and 2cm respectively are placed on the side of the tank at depth H1 and H2 below the open liquid surface. If discharge through A and B are equal. And for some value of Cd for two orifices, the ratio of H1 and H2 are x:1 find the value of ‘x’.

Question 5

A rectangular, sharp crested weir with end contractions is 1.85m long. How high should it be placed in a channel to maintain an upstream depth of 2.35m for 0.45 m3/s flow?

(Cd= 0.67, g = 10m/s)

Question 6

Air is flowing in pipe as shown in figure. If u = 10 m/s, the manometer reading is (use g = 10 m/s2, ρAir = 1.2 kg/m3)

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