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GATE 2025 Environment Quiz 11

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Question 1

Which of the following statements are correct?
1) The domestic water demand is normally 50-60% of the total water demand.
2) Industrial water demand depends on the type of industry.
3) Water demand is affected by the quality of water supplied.
4) Water demand is considered to be unaffected by the climate change.

Question 2

As per Mr. Goodrich formula, what is the ratio of the daily peak demand fo water and the monthly peak demand computed for a period of 12 days.

Question 3

A 20cm well penetrated directly into a confined aquifer of permeability 4.4x10-4 m/s is with a thickness of 12m. Under steady state condition, the radius of influence is 150m and the drawdown is 3m. The discharge is

Question 4

Calculate the discharge (m3/day) through an infiltration gallery placed at a depth of 4m below ground water table, subjected to the condition that the drawdown in the well does not exceed 2.18 m. Take the length of the gallery 56.75 m and radius of influence to be 100m. The hydraulic conductivity can be assumed as 75 m/day.

Question 5

A water supply system is designed for a town with population of 2,50,000. Determine the fire demand (in ml/min) using empirical relationship and the Match List I and List II

Question 6

The population of a town in three consecutive decades was 1 lakh, 1.1 lakh and 1.2 lakh respectively. The population of this town in the fourth consecutive decade according to geometric method would be.
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