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GATE 2023 Hydrology and Irrigation Evaluation Quiz 3

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Question 1

A catchment area has an area of 100 ha and runoff coefficient of 0.4 . Due to a 5cm rainfall event over the catchment, the stream flow at the outlet lasts for 10h.What is the value of average stream flow(m3/hr) at the outlet of the catchment for this event?

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Select the correct statements related to elementary profile of a gravity dam.

H:toe water depth

B:base width

G:specific gravity of the material of the dam

C:uplift pressure coefficient

µ:coefficient of friction

Question 3

Land reclamation is process by which uncultivable land is made fit for cultivation. The alkaline soils are best reclaimed by

Question 4

At t=0 hr and t= 1hr, the inflow values of river are 10 & 15 m3/sec respectively. If the outflow at t=0 is 5 m3/sec, outflow at t= 1hr is___ m3/sec. Take C0=0.05, C1=0.55.

Question 5

An IS standard evaporation pan set up near a lake indicates an evaporation of 65 mm in a week. The pan coefficient is calibrated to be 0.8.The relative humidity is 50%, wind velocity at 4 m above ground = 12 kmph and es = 31.82 mm of Hg. Then what is the error by Meyer’s formula

Question 6

Given below is the 4-h unit hydrograph ordinates for a catchment

What will be the approximate peak ordinate (in m3/s) of 6-h unit hydrograph?

Question 7

A loam soil has a field capacity of 30% and wilting coefficient of 15%. The dry unit weight of soil is 1.5 g/cc. Irrigation water is applied when moisture content falls to 20%. If the root zone depth is 65 cm, then what is the storage capacity of the soil? Also, if water application efficiency is 80% then determine the water depth required to be applied in the field.

Question 8

In a earthen trapezoidal channel having side slopes 1.5H : IV, constructed in a non–cohesive soil having D75 particle size of ‘d’ mm and angle ϕ = 37°, no scouring will occur only when the hydraulic mean depth(R) of the channel is limited to :
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