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GATE 2023 Fluid Mechanics-1 Quiz 7

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Question 1

Which of the following are shear thinning fluids?

1). Starch

2). Sugar

3). Paints

4). Paper pulp

Question 2

In a pond at a depth of 5m air bubble is formed of diameter 0.8mm. Calculate gauge pressure inside air bubble. Assume surface tension = 0.075N/m.

Question 3

Calculate the metacentric height of a rectangular floating body of length 15m, and width 8m. The water surface is at 2m above bottom and centre of gravity is 2.5m from bottom.

Question 4

A vertical plate as shown below in immersed in water. Find the difference between centre of pressure and centre of gravity take free surface as reference

Question 5

Calculate % age error in discharge of V- notch if the % age error in the measurement of angle of v-notch is 3.5% sin(85°) = 0.99

Question 6

The velocity components in the x and y directions are given by, u = λxy3 – x2y, V = xy - . The value of λ for a possible flow field involving an incompressible fluid is

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

The velocity components for the two-dimensional flow is given below:

u = -4ax(x2 – 3y2) and v = 4ay(3x2 – y2)

Which of the following statements are valid for the given flow?

Question 8Multiple Correct Options

If the steam function in the flow is ψ = 3x2 + 5xy3, choose the correct option (more than one answer may be correct).
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