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GATE 2023 Design of Steel Structures Quiz 4

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Question 1

For connecting lacing flat to column section with M20 bolts, the minimum width of flat (in mm) should be

Question 2

A compound column has beam fabricated with 4 angles of ISA 50*50*6 mm placed at corners of a square 400 mm X 400 mm. The radius of gyration of the angle is 12 mm for fabricated column. The overall slenderness ratio is 50. The maximum spacing of lacing bar (in mm) attachments of fabricated column is

Question 3

What is the maximum length of a steel rod of mean diameter 20 mm carrying compressive loads resulting from dead loads and imposed loads? Consider both ends welded.

Question 4

In a gusseted base, when the end of the column is machined for complete bearing on the base plate, then the axial load is assumed to be transferred to base plate

Question 5

A column is provided using ISHB 350@ 661.2 N/m. If the effective length of column is 3 m, the design compressive stress (in N/mm2) is ____ N/mm2.
[Relevant section properties: N/mm2. Symbols have their usual meanings]

Question 6

A rolled steel beam section ISHB 150 @ 265.85 N/m is used as a stanchion and has an unsupported length of 4.5m. It is effectively held in position but not restrained against rotation at both ends. If the yield stress for steel is 250 N/mm2, then the axial load this stanchion can carry is _______ kN

Properties of ISHB 150 @ 265.85 N/m are : A 3448 mm2 ; rxx = 65mm and ryy = 35.4mm

For fy = 250 N/mm2

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