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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials-1 Quiz 11

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Question 1

For a simply supported beam of dead load 10 kN/m and span 8 m having triangular cross-section as shown in the figure, if a uniformly distributed live load 20 kN/m is applied on the beam then the maximum shear stress in the beam is ______ N/mm2

Question 2

A beam of uniform flexure rigidity supports a set of loads as shown in figure below

What is the value of P (in kN, nearest integer), if magnitude of bending moment at mid span and at the support of the beam is numerically equal?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

Question 4

A cylindrical piece of steel, with a diameter of 60mm and length 100 mm, is subjected to an axial compressive force of 40,000 kg. If bulk modulus is 1.7 x 106 kg/cm2 and poisson’s ratio is 0.25 than the change in volume of the cylindrical piece is

Question 5

The maximum bending moment for a simply supported beam subjected to uniformly varying load with intensity at the right end and ‘ω’ per meter length at the left end is?

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Two beams one of circular x-section and other of square cross – section, have equal areas of cross section. If both beams are subjected to bending, which of the following options is/are true?

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

In a beam shown in figure. Find reaction forces and correct option regarding shear forces variation (SF = shear force)

Question 8

A mild steel bar is in three parts, each 20cm long. The diameters of parts AB, BC and CD, are 2cm, 1cm and 3cm, respectively. The bar is subjected to an axial pull of 4T, as shown in the figure.

Suppose E = 2 × 106 kg/cm2 and elongation in the three parts of the bar are Δ1, Δ2 and Δ3, respectively. Then the ratio of the greatest to the least of these elongations will be.

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