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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials Quiz 29

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Question 1

A simply supported rectangular beam of span 'L' and depth 'd' carries a central load 'W'. The ratio of maximum deflection to maximum bending stress is

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statement(s) is/are incorrect?

Question 3

A simply supported beam of circular cross section with length ‘L’ and diameter ‘D’ carries a concentrated load ‘P’ at the centre of the beam. The strength of the beam is proportional to

Question 4

A circular beam of 300 mm diameter is made up of a material having permissible stress 80 N/mm2. The moment of resistance of the beam is

Question 5

A T beam is constructed such that its neutral axis passes through the junction point of flange and web. If the width of flange is twice the depth of web and thickness of both web and flange is 20 mm, the section modulus of the beam in compression is ____cm3.

Question 6

If the shear force at the cross-section shown above is 50 kN, then the shear stress (in MPa) at neutral axis is …….. MPa. (round of to 2 decimal places)

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