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GATE 2023 Structure Analysis Quiz 44

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Question 1

What is the force in the vertical member ‘CD’ of the pin-jointed frame shown below?

Question 2

A three hinged semicircular arch is subjected to loads on rigidly connected brackets at D and E (as shown below). Find the normal thrust and radial shear at point F.

Question 3

The zero member forces are

Question 4

A cable is suspended between two points 75 m apart with its left end lower than right by 10 m. The cable supports a udl of 5 kN/m along horizontal span. The central sag is 7.5 m. The horizontal tension will be ____ kN. (Round off to 2 decimal places)

Question 5

Calculate the horizontal displacement of the support ‘B’ for the truss shown in the figure below. All members have 2000mm2 are and modulus of elasticity 2 × 105 MPa

Question 6

A three-hinge parabolic arch ACB of span 30 m has its supports as depth 4 m in 16 m below the crown hinge C . The arch carries a point load of 30 KN at a distance of 5 m from C and a point load of 90 KN at a distance of 10 m from C as shown in the figure below.

Bending moment at D is …….kN-m. (correct to one decimal place)

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