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GATE 2023 Building Materials & Construction Management Quiz 40

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Question 1

In the time-cost optimization, using CPM method for network analysis, the crashing of the activities along the critical path is done starting with activity having

Question 2

In the time-cost analysis, the cost slope is defined as

Question 3

When a project is crashed for a optimum duration
1) Direct cost is increased.
2) Indirect cost is increased.
3) Direct cost is decreased.
4) Indirect cost is decreased.

Question 4

The normal duration and normal cost of an activity are 18 days and Rs. 36,000 Respectively. The activity crash duration is 15 days and indirect cost is Rs. 800 per day. If cost slope is Rs. 1200 per day, then the crash cost of the activity will be

Question 5

A project has three activities A followed by B which is followed by C. Taking indirect cost of 25 units per week, the cost of completing the project in 15 weeks is given by?
Activity A : 10 weeks-400 units, 9 weeks-450 units, 8 weeks-500 units
Activity B : 5 weeks-200 units, 4 weeks-225 units
Activity C : 3 weeks-700 units, 2 weeks-800 units

Question 6

Calcuate optimum cost for this project

Indirect cost is 500 per duration.
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