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GATE 2023 Design of Steel Structures Quiz 2

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Question 1

What is the safe load “P” that can be transmitted by the fillet-weld joint shown in figure below if allowable shear stress in the fillet weld is 108 MPa and F.O.S. for load is 1.5?

Question 2

As per IS: 800 – 1984 the factor of safety with respect to the yield stress of steel is (Based on working stress method)

Question 3

If a 2 cm diameter rivet connects two plates by lap joint and safe shear stress for rivet is 1200 kg/cm2, the value of maximum permissible pull will be

Question 4

Two plates of 50 mm thick and 30 mm thick are to be joined by a lap joint using M12 bolts of grade 4.6 Then the design shear strength of bolt is reduced by (in %)

Question 5

A solid member is of the crops-section as shown in figure. It is to be used as a column having 4.5 effective length. If maximum slenderness ratio is 220.45, then the value of d is _________ mm.

Question 6

Two equal angles ISA 100 mm x 100 mm of thickness 12 mm are placed back-to-back and connected to the either side of a gusset plate through a single row of 20 mm diameter rivets in double shear. If these angles are NOT tack riveted, then the net effective area (in mm2) of this pair of angles is
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