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GATE 2023 Fluid Mechanics-2 Quiz 9

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Question 1

A rectangular channel of 3 m width is carrying a discharge of 6 m3/s considering that acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2, the velocity of flow in m/s corresponding to the critical depth at which specific energy is minimum is

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following are dimensionless quantities?

Question 3

Which of the following lead to greater energy dissipation in turbulent flow

I. Larger eddy size

II. More viscosity of fluid

Question 4

Boundary layer thickness increases as

Question 5

A plate of length ‘L’ is towed through fluid at a velocity of 2m/s. The distance at which local drag coefficient is equal to average drag coefficient in the plate considering the laminar boundary layer over full length is

Question 6

Water flows in a 80 mm pipe, at Reynolds number of 8000. The pipe is estimated to have, equivalent sand grain roughness of 0.16 mm. Determine the head loss expected in 500 m length of pipe in meter. Take kinematic viscosity as 10-6 m2/sec and 1/ = 1.14-2*log(K/d + 21.25/R0.9)

Question 7

For a triangular channel having a vertex angle of 120°, the critical depth for a discharge of 3.0 m3/s would be:

Question 8

A smooth two-dimensional flat plate is exposed to a wind velocity of 70 km per hour. If laminar boundary layer exists upto a value of Rex equal to 3 × 105 and kinematic viscosity of air = 1.49 × 10–5 m2/s, what would be the maximum distance upto which laminar boundary persists?
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