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GATE 2025 Environment Quiz 15

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Question 1

Consider following air pollutants

1. NO2

2. H2SO4

3. O3

4. Formaldehydes

Which of these pollutant(s) is/are secondary pollutant:

Question 2

Statement (I): If the environmental lapse rate (ELR) is greater than the dry adiabatic lapse rate (DALR), then the atmosphere is unstable.

Statement (II): Stable is the atmosphere, dispersion of pollutants is enhanced.

Question 3

A sample of air analyzed at 0ºC and 1 atm pressure is reported to contain 9 PPM of CO. Determine the equivalent CO concentration in milligrams per cubic metre

Question 4

Assertion (A): wet scrubber does not remove the gaseous stream.

Reason (R): In the wet scrubber, water droplets come into contact with the particulates.

Question 5

What will be the amount of air supplied, if 4 kg of oxygen is required per kg of volatile solid destroyed, which is 30% of total volatile sited present? The air supplied has density of 1.25 kg/m3, oxygen content in air is 25% and total volatile solid present is 1200 kg/day. Assume efficiency of transferring O2 is 20%.

Question 6

At an elevation of 22 m and 642 m from the ground surface, the temperature is 23.75°C and 16.25°C respectively.

The lapse rate can be referred as:

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