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GATE 2023 Design of Steel Structures Quiz 5

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Question 1

Calculate the shear strength of a ISWB section of height 350 mm, breadth 200 mm, thickness of web 8 mm. The yield strength of steel in 250 MPa.

Question 2

what is the permissible deflection in the case when the cranes are electrically operated of capacity exceeding 500 KN and the span of the gantry girder is L = 10 m?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements regarding the bearing stiffners in plate girder is/are correct?

Question 4

What should be the depth of web required as per serviceability criterion if no transverse stiffners are provided and the web is connected to flanges along both longitudinal edges. Take depth of web to be 1900 mm and yield stress of steel to be 250 MPa.

Question 5

The tension member of a roof truss consists of two unequal angles 70 × 45 × 8 with the longer legs connected by 16 mm diameter rivets. If angles are one on either side of gusset plate, then safe tension for the member will be (assuming permissible stress in tension = 150 Mpa and sectional area of angle 858 mm2).

Question 6

ISMB 300 (Ze = 500 × 103) mm3 has been choosen as a beam cross-section to resist a bending moment. Two plates 100mm × 10mm are welded to each flange to enhance the moment capacity. What will be the increase in moment of resistance (kN-m) as per WSM due to addition of plates if the permissible bending compression stress = 165 MPa and it is a semi-compact section. The M.I of built up section can be taken as 150 ×106 mm4.
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