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GATE 2023 Structure Analysis Quiz 41

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Question 1

The kinematic indeterminacy of the structure shown in the figure is equal to

Question 2

Which of the following option is correct?

Question 3

What is the kinematic indeterminacy for the frame shown below (member inextensible)

Question 4

The degree of static (DS) and kinematic (Dk) indeterminacy of the structure shown below are:

Question 5

Match List-1 with List-II ands select the correct answer

List-I(structure) - List-II(Degree of statice indeterminacy)

(a) - 1) Three

(b) - 2) six

(c) - 3) Two

(d) - 4) Four

Question 6

The following two statements are made with reference to the plane truss shown below–

1. The truss is statically determinate.

2. The truss is kinematically determinate.

Which reference to the above statements, which of the following applies:

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