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GATE 2023 Hydrology and irrigation Quiz 7

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Question 1

The rainfall during three successive 2 hour periods are 0.5, 2.8 and 1.6 cm. The surface runoff resulting from this storm is 3.2 cm. The 100% index value of this storm is

Question 2

Infiltration for a drainage Basin is given by Horton’s equation as follows:

fp = 2 + 5 e–t where fp is in cm/hour and t in hour. Assuming infiltration to take place at capacity rates in a storm of 90 min duration, depth of infiltration in the last 30 min of storm will be _______ mm (round up to 1 decimal place)

Question 3

A 4-hr UH is used to derive an S-hydrograph. The coordinates of 4-hr UH are given below

Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\11_Hydro-Irrigation_BLok_files\image003.jpg
The equilibrium discharge (in m3/s) and its time of occurrence (in hour) for the derived S-hydrograph are

Question 4

Rising limb of a hydrograph

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A 6 hour unit hydrograph of a catchment is triangular in shape with a base of 60 hours. The area of catchment is 690 km2 and the base flow is 20m3/s. The  index of the soil is 3.45 mm/hr. If a rainfall of intensity 2cm/hr occur uniformly for 3 hours than

Question 6

The catchment area of a drainage basin is 2100 km2. The length of mainstream (L) is equal to 80 km. The distance along the mainstream from the basin outlet to a point on the stream which nearer to the centroid of the basin is equal to 50 km. If all the assumption of Synder are valid, the lag time and base time (in hours) are respectively

(Take, Ct = 1.85 and Cp = 0.45)

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