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GATE 2023 Design of Steel Structures Evaluation Quiz 1

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements is/are incorrect? (MSQ)

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding lacing for built up columns?

Question 3

Spacing of vertical stiffener should not be greater than


d = depth of gridder

Question 4

A simply supported beam of span 5 m is loaded with as uniformly distributed load of 30kN/m. “fy” for the material is 250 Mpa. which of the following rolled section is best economical sectional permissible stress is flexure =165 Mpa

Question 5

For an I section beam, shape factor is 1.12, The factor of safety in bending is 1.5, If allowable stress is increased by 25% for wind and earthquake loads, then load factor is ____________

Question 6

A diagonal member (ISA 150*115*12) of a roof truss carries a maximum axial pull of 300 kN. A lug is provided for making connection of diagonal member with long leg connected to gusset plate. If allowable axial tensile stress is 150 N/mm2, the net cross sectional area required of lug angle (in mm2) is___ (Use Working Stress Method).

Question 7

A circular plate 120 mm in diameter is welded to another plate by means of 8 mm size fillet weld. Calculate ultimate twisting moment capacity (kN-m) that can be resisted by fillet welded connection as per LSM design. Use Fe410 and shop welding

Question 8

A continuous beam is loaded as shown in the figure below. Assuming plastic moment capacity equal to Mp, the minimum load at which the beam would collapse is
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