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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials Quiz 32

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

A column base is subjected to moment. If the intensity of bearing pressure due to axial load is equal to stress due to the moment, then the bearing pressure between the base and the concrete is

Question 2

A slender bar AB with pinned ends is held between immovable supports as shown in the figure below. Increase in temperature (in ) of the bar that will produce buckling at the Euler's load is
[Take coefficient of thermal expansion = 12 x 10-6/and diameter of the bar = 50 mm]

Question 3

A hollow alloy tube 5m long with diameters 40 mm (outer) and 25 mm (inner) was found to extend 6.4 mm under a tensile load of 60 kN. The column has pinned ends. The factor of safety is 4 . The safe load on column based on Euler’s theory is -

Question 4

Euler’s curve is the graphical expression between

Question 5

A long slender bar having uniform rectangular cross section B x H is acted upon by an axial compressive force. The sides B and H are parallel to x-axis and y-axis respectively.
The ends of the bar are fixed when the bar buckles in a plane normal to x-axis and they behave as hinged when the bar buckles in a plane normal to y-axis. If load capacity in either mode of buckling is same, then the value of H/B will be ____________.

Question 6

A 20 mm diameter bar is 1.25 m long. When the bar is simply supported at its ends in a horizontal position and is loaded with a concentrated load of 370 N at mid span, the central deflection was found to be 9.5 mm. In the second case, the bar is placed vertically and loaded axially. The buckling stress (in N/mm2) of the vertical bar is
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