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GATE 2023 Hydrology and irrigation Quiz 10

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Question 1

The net uplift force on a dam if the height of water in the reservoir is 45 m. (Assume the width of the dam to be 21m)

Question 2

A concrete dam having width 14m and height 17.45m is constructed on a river to store water. If the compressive strength and the specific gravity of concrete is 2896 kN/m2 and 2.24 respectively, then what will be the critical height of the dam? Also classify the dam based on its height.

Question 3

A channel designed by Lacey’s theory has a mean velocity of 1m/s. If silt factor is unity, then hydraulic mean radius will be

Question 4

A wide unlined channel carrying silt free water has a depth of 2.5 m. The maximum slope that can be given to the channel is 1 in 10,000. The maximum tractive stress (in N/m2) permissible on the bed to prevent scour

Question 5

A weir on a permeable foundation with downstream sheet pile is shown in the figure below. The Exit gradient as per Khosla’s method is

Question 6

Following data were obtained from the stability analysis of a concrete gravity dam.

Total overturning moment about toe = 3 × 105 ton-m

Total resisting moment about toe = 4 × 105 ton-m

Total downward weight of the dam = 6000 tonnes

Total uplift force = 1000 tonnes

Base width of the dam = 50 m

The pressure acting at the toe of the dam would be

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