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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials-2 Quiz 7

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Question 1

I section of a beam is formed by gluing wooden planks as shown in the figure below. If this beam transmits a constant vertical shear force of 4000 N, the glue at any of the four joints will be subjected to a shear force of ____ kN per meter length.

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

A bar AB of length 8m and diameter 100mm is fixed rigidity. Torque 1000 N-m applied at 3m from A. The fixing couple at A and B are

Question 3

When a column is subjected to an eccentric loading then the type/s of stress which come/s into place are

(a) Direct stress

(b) Bending stress

Question 4

If (80,20) and (60,40) N/mm2 are any two point on Mohr circle, then calculate the maximum shearing stress in N/mm2. (round off to two decimal places)

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

At a point in a material subject to two dimensional stress, the stress on as certain plane are  and on another plane the stresses are  and  as shown in the figure

Which of the following is/are correct? (Assume )

Question 6

The pinned end columns of the same materials have the same length and the same c/s area. The columns are free to buckle in any direction.
c/s of columns is given;
A) a circle
B) a square
C) an equilateral triangle
Determine the ratio of critical load for the columns.

Question 7

A simply supported beam of span 10 m carries a udl of 1152 N/m over the entire span. The beam is propped at the middle of the span. Then the amount, by which the prop should yield (in mm), in order to make all the three reactions equal will be_____mm. (Round off to one decimal place) (Take E = 2 × 105N/mm2 and ‘I’ for beam = 108 mm4)

Question 8

A propped cantilever is supported by the mid span of simply supported beam of same length at propped end. If the propped cantilever is loaded with udl of 17 kN/m and span length of both beam is 5 m. Calculate the reaction generated at propped end.
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