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GATE 2023 Hydrology and irrigation Quiz 8

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Question 1

In a city, the maximum daily rainfall depth of 300mm has a return period of 100 years. The probability of one day rainfall depth equal to or exceeding the 300mm in the city occurring two times in successive 20 years is

Question 2

An annual flood series contains 100 years of flood data. For a return period of 200 years the Gumbel's reduced variate can be taken as ________

Question 3

A sediment reservoir is planned for a 2100 sq.m site that has a peak inflow of 120cumec. The runoff from a 4cm rainfall is 2.04cm and the outlet structure has a peak capacity of 50cumec. What is the storage volume needed to handle this storm (in cumec) ? Take ratio of Storage to runoff volume as 0.386

Question 4

Which of the following statements are correct.
I. The sum of coefficients of Muskingham channel routing equation (C0, C1 and C2) is always unity.
II. Coefficients of Muskingham channel routing equation (C0, C1 and C2) can take negative values
III. For a linear reservoir the storage is function of inflow only.
IV. During the falling stage, the wedge storage becomes negative.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following method is/are used to estimate the magnitude of flood?

Question 6

For the following flood routing data, what is the attenuation (roundoff to nearest integer)? Consider muskingham constants C0=0.06, C1=0.511.Take outflow discharge at t=0 as 20 m3/sec.

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