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GATE 2023 Hydrology and irrigation Quiz 9

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Question 1

A field having culturable commandable area equal to 1046 hectares is used for growing of crops. If the intensity of irrigation of rabi and kharif crop are 56% and 48% respectively, what will be the ratio of depth of water required for rabi crop to kharif crop (up to 2 decimal place). Assume the base period for rabi and kharif crop are 64 days and 45 days respectively.

Question 2

A distributary canal carrying discharge of 0.24 m3/s is used to irrigate the field of land area 464 hectares for 8 hours. If the discharge reaching the field is 0.20 m3/s only and the runoff losses in the field are 375 m3, what will be the water conveyance and water application efficiency?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

In order to avoid short comings of surface irrigation, sub surface irrigation was practiced in a region. Which of the following conditions is/are considered favorable for sub surface irrigation–

(May have multiple correct answer)

Question 4

What will be the sodium absorption ratio of a soil for which

[Na+] = 250 mg/l , [Ca2+] = 45 mg/l , [Mg2+ ] = 18 mg/l

Question 5

A sandy loam soil has a water holding capacity of 140 mm/m between field capacity and wilting point. The area to be irrigated is 60 ha and depth of effective root zone is 0.30 m. The management allowed soil moisture depletion as 40% and the consumptive use is 6 mm/day. The conveyance and application efficiency are obtained to be 80% and 50% respectively. There are no leaching requirements as well as no rainfall and ground water contributions to the crop water requirement. The frequency of irrigation (in days) and the field irrigation requirement (in m3) will be

Question 6

Agricultural land is to be irrigated for a particular crop. The land was studied for water requirement need and following data were recorded,

field capacity = 17%, permanent wilting point = 8%, permissible depletion of available soil moisture = 55%, Dry unit weight of soil = 1700 kgf/cm3 and effective rainfall for the region is 27 mm.

The net irrigation requirement per meter depth of soil will be (in mm).

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