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GATE 2023 Strength of Materials Quiz 27

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Question 1

A Beam of circular cross section of diameter 0.5m is made of a material having modulus of elasticity equal to 200 GPa. If it is subjected to a bending moment of magnitude 40 kN-m, the maximum compressive strain in the beam will be_____×10-5

Question 2

A rectangular beam 300 × 600 mm cross section is subjected to bending moment of 50 kNm. The tension force generated in the beam is

Question 3

The variation of bending stress and shear stress for the cross-section shown below will be.

Question 4

A cantilever beam of square cross section having depth 600 mm and span 8 m is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of magnitude 8.25 kN/m2. The stress generated at a distance equal to 2m from the free end and at a depth of 250 mm from top will be

Question 5

A rectangular section shown in the figure is subjected to a sagging bending moment. The force acting on the hatched area is

Question 6

A mild steel plate of width 120 mm and thickness 10 m is nest into an arc of a circle of radius 10 m by applying a pure moment M. If E is 2 × 105 N/mm2, then the magnitude of pure moment ‘M’ will be
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