Write 10 Uses of Soil

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

There’s no doubt that soil is an essential element that acts as our support system. How? This is because soil is used in so many ways that we cannot imagine our life without it. It is a loose surface material that mainly contains these ingredients – gas, living organisms, organic matter, minerals, and water. Read further to learn the main 10 uses of soil in our daily lives.


Major Uses of Soil

  1. Soil is used in wastewater treatment plants.
  2. Soil is also used for some water purification techniques.
  3. Soil forms a substrate for the growth of plants which are further used for food, clothing, recreation, medicines, etc.
  4. Soil is composed of various vital nutrients that helps in the growth of plants.
  5. Soil helps in the construction of buildings.
  6. Soil is also used for various religious purposes like making idols for festivals and more.
  7. When soil is in clay form, it is used in making ceramic articles through pottery.
  8. Certain beauty products like face packs and foundations also use soil as an ingredient
  9. Soil is used to manufacture skin ointments, antibiotics, TB drugs, and antitumor drugs.
  10. Soil also acts as an anchor for the roots and holds various nutrients and water.


Write 10 Uses of Soil

There are numerous uses of soil in our daily lives. Some of these uses are acting as an anchor for plants and containing useful nutrients, being used in medicines and for water purification. Soil is also used in various religious rituals, construction, and beauty products.


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