List Names of Acids Present in Fruits and Vegetables

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Acetic acid, Citric acid, Benzoic acid, Malic acid, Oxalic acid, Tartaric acid are some common acids in Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain several essential acids, but vegetables are naturally less acidic, making them a somewhat healthier supply of essential acids if you have acid reflux or a high stomach acidity level. The only acids that may be consumed are found in various foods. These acids are in charge of giving food its strong flavour.

Names of Acids Present in Fruits and Vegetables

Even though fruits and vegetables both contain the majority of similar acids, vegetables have a lower acidity level, making them a possibly less dangerous supply of essential acids for those of us who experience heartburn or excessive stomach acidity. Numerous fruits and vegetables contain various types of acids. The only acids known to be edible and responsible for giving food its distinct flavour are those found in food.

Citric acid is a natural preservative that is largely present in citrus fruits and gives lemons and limes their tart flavour. By preventing new kidney stone growth and dissolving existing tiny stones, citric acid helps people with kidney stones. Fruits, including berries, tomatoes, and pineapples, contain citric acid.

Due to the large concentrations of malic acid in apples, it is also known as apple acid. Additionally, broccoli, berries, and bananas contain malic acid. Malic acid is occasionally used by those with chronic fatigue syndrome to boost energy and lessen muscular aches.

Leafy green vegetables are the primary source of oxalic acid or oxalate. Kidney stones can be prevented from developing further by limiting meals high in oxalate. Many dairy products employ lactic acid to generate unique flavours and properties through bacterial fermentation. This fermentation produces lactic acid, which is present in yoghurt, cottage cheese, buttermilk, and sour cream.

List of Fruits and Vegetables having Acids

The fruits and vegetables in which the acids are found are given below:

  • Lemons, limes, and oranges are examples of citrus fruits that contain citric acid. It may be found in pineapples, berries, grapes, tomatoes, pomegranates, and grape juice.
  • Apples have a much of malic acid. It can be found in broccoli, tomatoes, pomegranates, grapes, grapefruit, bananas, and grapes.
  • Oxalic acid is present in green leafy vegetables and beets.
  • Ascorbic acid, often known as Vitamin C, is present in various foods, including citrus fruits, berries, green leafy vegetables, green peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Apples, apricots, bananas, tamarind, grapes, and tamarind all contain Tartaric Acid.
  • Natural food acids include tartaric acid, malic acid, and citric acid. They are also known as healthy acids. They may be found in fruits with seeds, such as oranges, oranges, pineapples, apples, and peaches. Tartaric acid may be found in potatoes, grapes, and pineapples. If these acids are absent, these fruits may taste insipid.


List Names of Acids Present in Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables contain common acids such as Oxalic acid, Benzoic acid, Citric acid, Malic acid, Acetic acid, and Tartaric acid. On a scale from 0 to 14, acids are classified as having a pH level below 7. Numerous vegetables, fruits, and dairy products contain various types of acids. Some of these acids act as nutrients or as cures for specific diseases.

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