The LCM of Two Numbers is 48. If their Ratio is 2:3, Find their Sum

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

If the LCM of the two numbers is 48 with a ratio is 2:3 their sum will be 40. The first step in the solution is to find out the values of the two numbers. That will be calculated by taking the LCM of the ratios and then finding their values. To calculate the sum of two numbers having 48 LCM with 2:3 ratio, refer to the detailed solution below.

LCM of Two Numbers is 48 with Ratio 2:3

If the LCM of two numbers is 48 and their ratio is 2:3, the sum can be calculated in the following way –

First, we will write 2:3 as 2x and 3x

The next step is to find out their L.C.M

2x X 3x = 6x

However, we are already provided the LCM of two numbers which is 48. Hence, we will calculate the value of x in the following way –

6x = 48

x= 48/6

x = 8

Now, as we have obtained the value of x we will find the numbers of the ratio which will be as follows –

2×8 = 16

3×8 = 24

Now, we will calculate the sum of these numbers which is.

16+24 = 40

Hence, the sum of ratio 2;3 will be 40 in the case when two numbers have the LCM of 48.

What is Ratio?

The ratio refers to the comparison of two or more numbers with the same units. It is an important mathematical term that helps in understanding the comparison between two or more quantities by giving information about how big or small it is. It consists of two major terms which include antecedent which is dividend and consequent which refers to the divisor. A ratio is written in a certain way. For example, two units x and y will be written as x:y when they are being represented as a ratio.


The LCM of two numbers is 48. If their ratio is 2:3, find their sum

40 will be the sum of two numbers whose LCM of is 48 with ratio is 2:3. We get this solution by calculating the values of the ratio by the use of LCM and the algebraic method. A ratio is a comparison of two numbers having same unit.

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