How to Prepare English for SSC CPO SI Exam 2020 (Topic-wise Tips)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CPO Tier I Exam 2020 is going to be conducted in the month of September-October 2020 and 50 Questions will be asked from English Section which carries a total 50 marks. You have three months for your exam and at this time, you can read English in a proper manner. Follow a smart and effective strategy to crack English in SSC CPO exam.

Topic Wise Distribution Of Marks in SSC CPO English Section

Topics Questions Asked
Idiom and Phrases 5 Questions
Sentence Improvement 5 Questions
One Word Substitution 5 Questions
Spelling Correction 5 Questions
Reading Comprehension 5 Questions
Spotting error 5 Questions
Fill in the blanks 5 Questions
Antonyms 5 Questions
Synonyms 5 Questions
Cloze Test 5 Questions

English Topics Preparation for SSC CPO Exam 2020

Let’s discuss each topic in detail and find a way to score maximum in each section.

Idiom and Phrases:

Most students are tensed to prepare this topic because there are so many idioms and phrases and it’s not possible to remember them all. If you just read those idioms and phrases which are asked in previous year exams of SSC and there are fair chances that you will get questions from those only. All the previous year questions are updated on the BYJU’S Exam Prep app. You need to practice from quizzes which provide on a daily basis. Trust me you will not get a single question out of this.

Example: The son wants to purchase a new car but his father is dragging his feet.

Answer: Here dragging his feet is an idiom which means acting in a slow and hesitant manner.

To make it easy, we are uploading the most repeated and expected idioms and phrases for SSC exams. Click on the below given 

Sentence Improvement:

  • For this section, your basics of grammar should be strong because sentence improvement is generally based on tenses, noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, articles,  gerund, participle.
  • Just read a good English newspaper and whenever you find a sentence, try to find its parts of speech. If you are able to locate parts of speech in a sentence correctly then there are fair chances to score full in this section.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes related to Sentence Improvement 

One word substitution:

  • One word substitution is totally based on your vocabulary. Newspaper really helps in improving vocabulary. Read the editorial page of any good English newspaper and explore new words. Try to search them in the dictionary and use them in communication. This is the best way to improve your English and score well in one-word substitution.

Example: A place where money is coined?

Answer: Mint

Click on below link to get all the quizzes related to One-word substitution.

Spelling Correction:

  • Spelling correction again is based on vocabulary which needs a lot of practice. You can follow the link given below and read the notes given in BYJU’S Exam Prep. You will memorise correct spellings of frequently asked words in your exam if you practice daily.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes & Notes related to Spelling correction

Reading Comprehension

  • As the name suggests you need to do a lot of reading to crack this section. Most of the students score full marks in this section because one paragraph is already given in the exam and you need to find answers to questions from that paragraph itself. Make a daily reading habit and trust me you will score full in this section.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes on Reading Comprehension.

Spotting Error

  • 10 questions are asked from this section which make it very-very important. Grammar is the key to crack this section as well. Start from today itself as you are left with just 2-3 months. Start reading Plinth To Paramount and practice more and more questions. Try to find what kind of questions were asked in the previous year’s exam.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes & rules on Spotting Error 

Fill in the Blank

  • The Master key to score well in this section is to find that the question is demanding a positive word or a negative word, choose accordingly from the four choices given in question but obviously, you can not figure out words without having a good vocabulary.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes on Fill in the Blanks.

Antonyms & Synonyms

I would say learn previous year’s antonyms/synonyms by heart because there are fair chances of repetition of the same questions in SSC exam. Improve your vocabulary which makes easier to score full in this section.

Click on below link to get all the quizzes on Fill in the Blanks.


  • 5 questions are from reading comprehension section,5 questions are asked from fill in the blanks and these marks are in your hands because these two sections are very easy in SSC CPO exam. You can easily score full marks in these two sections with little practice.
  • 5 questions are asked from sentence improvement section which makes grammar very-very important. Do not skip these questions because most of the questions are repeated from previous years and you can easily score well.
  • Make sure you do not forget to check all the old papers of SSC CPO exam.

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